Expressive + Therapy

Expressive therapy utilized an array of techniques that encourage a person to not just talk nauseous about the problem they are experiencing but to be introduced to various processes which seek to tap into a person’s discovery of what is at their core center.

Human development and psychological scholars utilized expressive therapies as coordinated methods meant to provoke thought to actions, habits, and reactions  with the intent of stimulating personal growth. Carl Jung, Alexander Lowen, Fritz Perls and others were instrumental for paving the path for behavioral and expressive outlets  to address trauma and pain.

My sole intent for utilizing expressive therapy in my practice is to assist the person in discovering the pain as as process rather than utilize traditional therapy which is a processing of thought.

So what is expression? There is an expression in all of us to reach our highest form of self yet there are so many of us still unsure of our identity and what we were created to do. Before we are able to move forward into pursuing the awesome call that is one each of our lives; we must identify and deal with the residual gunk and invisible sludge of our past so that we can be free to walk confidently into our future. The number one tactic of your enemy is to keep you in a position of non-clarity and focus where you are consistently stuffing and repressing your emotions and not being honest with the areas of your life that need healing the most.

What expressive therapy is not?

  • An enabler to remain frozen in self. Once we identify the triggers and patterns of your past and present, you are assisted in establishing a new center to redirect your process of growth
  • A space for ritualisitic activity. Some forms of expressive therapy rely on practices which cause a person to be hypnotized or incoherently seeking forms  of healing in magic and other forms. I do not engage in this at all

Expressive therapy utllizes several modalities of treatment to tap into your core and bring the pain to the surface. I utilize the following in my practice:

  • Journaling
  • Psychodrama
  • Bibliotherapy
  • Storytelling
  • Videography
  • Discovery Sheets
  • Emotion Work
  • Grief Share
  • Symbol Work

For years I’ve been trying to make sense of this thing called expression and why it is so essential to human behavior. On any given day you can walk the streets and sidewalks  of your city and find people attempting to express themselves. Expression is a venue to channel the inner rumblings that are going on inside of us and it is important for these range of emotions and thoughts to have an exit door.


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