Happy Anyways…….

happy anyways


Happy is near!

Although you have dealt with loss, trauma, and grief in your life, you can be happy once again. If you feel stuck and are not sure how to get to the next step in your process, it may have everything to do with the mindset that you have framed about your current situation.

Knowing that you can take charge of your life and move forward is priceless. Just imagine the possibility of being able to create your own life-changing experience and personal breakthrough to happiness. At Happy Anyways……, Danita Ogandaga will help you:

  • Locate where you are in your emotional state
  • Learn to love the common denominator at the center of your situation…..YOU..to encourage you to move from your place of brokenness
  • Practice mindfulness methods and strategies to help you improve your emotions,
  • Identify and rediscover your passion that you had prior to your trauma and learn how to nurture and follow a plan of action to success.

Fellowship, food, and dancing will conclude our evening together.

You can be happy anyways…….

Can’t Attend the LIVE Session & Need Relief from Grief?

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No matter if you are that person who can cry a river when something has happened to you or if you are the person who views calamity as a life hiccup, it is essential to recognize what type of person you are, how you process your emotions to ensure you are not suppressing them under piles of emotional debris. At the onset of any trauma in life can bring a myriad and maze of emotions, paperwork, and decisions that ALL need to be sorted out, often at the same time. Danitaogandaga.com  honors that space that should be given to pause, grieve, mourn, reflect, and heal from the loss that has occured in your life whether it be a pet loss, person loss, home, relocation, illness, or other event that has altered your life. We will invest in your space and offer the time to access your journey, locate where you are in your grief, travel to that often raw place of emotion where resolution and peace reside. In addition, we will assist you in developing a path to personal growth as you begin to thrive in your new normal.

There is an Opposite to Grief: Living Life on Life’s Peaceful Terms

Could there ever be an opposite to grief? Yes, although it may not seem like it now, there is an opposite to grief. When you learn to living life on life’s peaceful terms you will eventually begin to identify ways to accept the things that have happened to us, all be it good or bad. At the onset of any grief situation, the ability to reason or have logic abandons us. Once you begin to process the series of events and take an inventory of life, finding a way to live life in peace with joy is possible.

Ready to get started…….

Look at what your services include:

  • One 45 minute phone chat that defines the process of the grief recovery services and what will be needed on your part to ensure your experience is a success.
  • One 60 minute live face to face coaching session via Skype or phone
  • Guided exercises, reflective homework, and journaling meditations
  • Access to the GriefTalk/Danitaogandaga.com team and resources to help you as you begin your process of healing.
  • 10 days of e-mail support from our team post-appointment
  • 1 copy of Are You Who You “Post” To Be and Overcoming the Orphan Spirit

Your Investment: $99