Skype & Phone

Skype Sessions

Technology has created a bridge of ease for all! The structure of a face-to-face session will remain in tact; however, from the comfort of your own home and with your lounge shoes on, if you so wish, we can have an effective session of communication and begin the process of working on your goals.

Skype is a free computer based software that is so easy to use and has become an effective  tool for international communication. In addition to having the software download, you will also need the following:

  • Microphone (which are usually built into your computer)
  • Headset (optional if you already have a microphone on your computer)
  • Speakers (which are usually built into your computer)

In case you were wondering, everything is encrypted by Skype before transmitted to the internet making our communication private, confidential, and non-intercepted.

To download free Skype software click here Free Skype Log-in.

Phone Sessions

If you live outside the Atlanta area, perhaps you’d be open to phone sessions! I’ve worked with individuals in England, Pennsylvania, Western Africa so I am accustomed to varying time zones. There is a misconception that phone sessions may not be as transformative as sessions held face-to-face; but I’d like to pop that bubble and say that is it is very effective with focused communications and guided assignments. Once we establish the connection of working on your goals, the intimacy will resemble face to face sessions.


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