onm 2013

Thanks to all who tuned into the May 9 webcast titled “Securities and Sonship”! We were joined by Craig Cable, National Director of Lifetree Cafe and Derrick and Octavia Roberts of Open Wings Ministries. What a treat we experienced with this group! We talked about the trends that are coming into the their ministries as a result of people wanting to grow deeper into a relationship with Jesus Christ. The fact that the church is in each of us should be testimony that people are looking for a relationship with fellow believers who are authentically loving God and are aware that we would not be in the condition that we are in without the grace of God! Such an awesome time with this group. I encourage you to watch the replay here!


Thanks to all who joined us for the Orphan Spirit Exposed Google Hangout on Thursday, May 2, 2013! It was awesome. Phillip Baker and I were on hand to give a strong encouraging word to people who may be in a season of discovery of locating whether or not they know that God loves them and how to accept his unconditional and never failing love! If you  missed the LIVE Webcast, check it out here! We welcome your comments and questions. Stay tuned for more! Remember to subscribe to our page on Facebook and Twitter!


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