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Welcome to GriefTalk! GriefTalk offers a comprehensive 7-week group coaching session guided by Danita Ogandaga and her colleagues. Each session is power packed with guided instruction, practical application, and reflection to assist you in identifying the root causes of pain and seeking the healing that you desire.

7 Weeks of Laser Focus to Get You Past Your Hurt, Face Truth, and Into Living Life On Purpose!

GriefTalk is a 7-week session targeting residual emotional and spiritual pain experienced by past relationships, abortions, miscarriages, death of pets and loved ones, and finding oneself after a career termination. The cycle of prolonged grief, shame, denial, anxiety, and fear affects families, communities, and the pews of the church. Our love for God and vow of religion does not dismiss us from life’s pain; it gives us an enormous comfort while healing.

Grief is debilitating but doesn’t have to paralyze you! Facing your truth can save you years of heartache and rusty defense mechanisms built around your past. Seven sessions will give us time to do just that! We’ll encourage each other, laugh, and cry; but at the end of the session, you’ll have a strategy for change and roadmap to solutions for achieving permanent peace.

It’s time to RESOLVE the issues, beliefs, and rules of your past, REMOVE the obstacles in your way to healing, and RESTORE the truth (which is the removal of all opposite  and opposed thinking in your life). It’s been stated that the hardest step is the actual first step.Go ahead, take the first step for your present and future and the healing of your past.


One Payment of $297 

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2 monthly payments of $197.75 totaling $395.50 USD.

(* Payment Plan option includes $49.25/ monthly service charge.)


  • Life Happens:Then What?
  • Types of Loss: Loved One (Pets), Abortions, Miscarriages, Suicides, Homicides, & Sudden Death
  • Emotions Following Loss: Orphan Spirit and Abandonment
  • Say What?: Creating Loss Histo-Graphs to Timeline Your Loss and Identify Root Pain
  • Choosing Your Truth: Learning How to Acknowledge & Confront Your Pain
  • Leaving the Hammer Alone: Stop Fixing Stuff and Help You
  • Cultural Traditions, Religion, and Deciphering What Momma Said on Your Healing Journey
  • Sexual Healing vs Emotional Healing during Grief
  • Identity Crisis following Unemployment
  • Arrested Development: How to Move to A Better Place After Prolonged/Complicated Grief

What’s included:

  • Seven (7) power charged group grief recovery coaching sessions via phone. Each session is thirty (30) minutes of guidance, exchange, instruction to assist you in tapping into inner transformation. Sessions are offered on Tuesdays from 8:30pm-9:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). Miss the session? No worries, recorded coaching sessions will be made available.
  • A copy of my audiobook, Overcoming the Orphan Spirit: Restoration for Self and Society
  • Audio teaching of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Orphans
  • Additional resources via PDF (scriptures, affirmations, articles, and weekly coaching assignments to support your transformation)
  • Daily journal prompts sent via email to further encourage and assist you in gaining clarity on your path to healing
  • Intimate connection with a community of people who are going through the same process you are via a private social networking site
  • Priority email support during the coaching timeframe and follow-up upon final session

It’s Time to invest in reclaiming your hope to provoke your healing! Start with yourself. Register today! IF you believe that group coaching is not for you, I do have a small number of slots available for individual coaching. Please complete the form 

Please note:   These groups are small and have limited availability in order to address various stages of grief.  Serious inquiries only. This program requires a seven (7) week commitment to attend the calls (or listen to recorded calls), and commitment to complete the reflective work.

brainHow it Works

Ever heard someone say, “There are some things that I wish that I would have never learned or been exposed to.” Well, sure we all could say that and the genesis of it all starts with what experiences that we go through when we are within our environment. There is an amazing connection between the heart-head-and brain and it is amazing to see how the things that we think about eventually becomes the things that consume us.

GriefTalk grief recovery coaching takes you on a process of thinking about what you are thinking about and the feelings associated with those thoughts. Our subconscious mind feels while our conscious mind thinks. Emotions that are stored up based on memories of the past, hurts, anxieties, and what we know for sure (or think we know). The key to unlocking the painful memories of our past is not to keep thinking about them because that will cause us to be stuck; rather, the key is to work through the acknowledgement of the painful feelings associated with those memories and dissect them towards healing. I will walk you through each phase.

The GriefTalk Promise

  • Absolute sensitivity and confidentiality about the issues of your life
  • Provide clarity for you and your connection to your environment. Trust me, it matters!
  • Empowerment to make quality decisions elevate your current state of consciousness

For more information about why GriefTalk is so important at this season our our lives….listen to this powerful interview!