Don’t Go Back!


Never go back to the things ️God snatched you from. Glitter always covers but as soon as the wind blows, truth remains. You know that joker is no good for you so get out that bed, put that pipe down, go home to your first love, turn yourself in. Surrender self wholly to God. He loves you forever. #passingiton These words were told to me in my pit too!


Book Feature on!


So THANKFUL today!

So, I came downtown for a meeting this morning in Atlanta and am at my desk minding my own business (getting the rundown from the VMA’s last night) and BOOM….

I see my very first book, Overcoming the Orphan Spirit: Restoration for Self and Society featured front and center in the Latest News section on! It was a perfectly positioned and promoted by and I am SO THANKFUL!

I could have asked questions like:

  1. Why did they choose to publish my very first book instead of my new and cover improved books?
  2. that question again….

Rather, I just said THANK YOU LORD!~

This book, despite my last 3 books, has been my best selling book and it has truly been sold all over the world in Australia, India, New Zealand, Uganda, Gabon, and France to name a few places. This book touches the heart of people wanting to draw closer to their relationship with Father God. There is no need to ask why this book. This is the time to give God a HIGH PRAISE!

Thank you God.

I hope you will get your copy or purchase one for a friend!  Click the link