Welcome to danitaogandaga.com!Take a moment and let’s get acquainted! You’ve entered the collective home for my coaching, ministry, and outreach programs. I believe in connecting with people via the heart of expression (after all, we all have an expression) although sometimes it gets buried and bogged down in emotional dirt causing our feelings to be fickle and our heart hardened like sandpaper. Working with people to see them identify (at times not pretty), deal (which is often some pretty intense work), and ultimately heal (a beautiful thing!).

Unresolved grief and the loss of a person, security, or a thing can produce an overwhelming sense of isolation and fear to desire to attain what is often rightfully yours.

Go ahead and ask me how I know this?

Grief and loss have traditionally been thought of to be dark and dismal issues that have taken a back seat to the things that people are dealing with in their life. It is never thought of as the central issue that could be preventing a person from moving forward.

I want to assist you in achieving healing in your process and taking an authentic approach to getting the healing that you are in need of. Whatever stage you find yourself in from being newly grieved to not being able to deal with the grief that you have gone through, I will assist you in achieving clarity about your thought process and ultimately achieving the authenticity of peace and  healing in your life.

So, let’s look at our programs and services

Orphan No More- International ministry assisting people in getting free from the orphan spirit and receiving the love of God. When a loved one dies or you lose a great possession that you cherished more than life; how do you recover and who is at your center?

Grief Talk  – Once you reach the point of deciding it’s time to Identify. Deal. Heal, my Grief and Loss Coaching (both theoretically and biblically based on human behavior) walks you through the pain and loss into a state of functioning in life so that you can fulfill your expression and calling. I offer coaching programs (both individual and group), seminars, speaking engagements, and courses focused on grief recovery.

It’s important to me for people to have an outlet for and an understanding for expressing themselves through a process I call expressive therapy. I’ve committed my life’s work to the development of venues and programs to walk people through the process of clearing away the fog to get to the heart of their passion and them assist the next person in overcoming their life tragedies.

So, what am I about? Let’s just say if Joyce Meyer, Brendon Burchard, Peter Walsh, and Oprah had an adopted child, I’d be that one! Creating content via grant-writing, blogging, v-logging, and podcasting. I’ve dealt with multiple losses in my life following the loss of my parents to illness and the murder of  my favorite cousin to name a few.

Walking around with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not fun especially when you are trying to assure everyone that you are alright and functional. Since that time of walking out my healing, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people heal. ‘ve created tens of thousands of subscribers in over 116 countries, writing and researching on trauma and grief impacts to life, and raising over $10M dollars utilizing innovative expressive therapy techniques within communities dealing with serial displacement, I ‘m excited about working with you! In short I provide therapeutic solutions, organizational and information management strategies, as well as wordsmith services to make your vision plain and executable.

I’m about adding value to the broken dreams that you are constantly carrying around in that bag day after day, taking them out when you ride the train to work and back. That passion that drives you to stay up at night and wish you could break through and be confident enough to ignite! I’m here to help you identify your grief, face your loss, connect you to your passion, and build an infrastructure of support to sustain you while you’re on your journey! So what are you waiting for, let’s get started!


2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I lost my first child of seven days old in 1976. I had my husband and we shared our grief. I lost my father in 1986, my sister in 1988 and then the devestating drowning death of my husband in 1994. I had two young teens and a preteen. I admittedly was in shock as I went through the day to day routine. I internalized my grief just crying but not really going into my feelings. My close relationship with my kids became onesided. I loved them yet they turned off empathy for the family unit. Now yesrs later and after the death of a daughter in law and granddaughter I find my three children have all but treat me with tollerance. I have always had depression in my 30s up to now, 62. But it is getting worse. All I think about is my dead baby my husband and the children that once lived me. I feel like I could just disappear and never be missed. A da y doesn’t go by that my mind is a chaotic rerun of the trauma I’ve been through. I used to be a cutter and it helped..now I just curse the idea knowing it won’t help. I want to bang my head against the wall. I want to sti p thinking aboutmy husband and how he should be here with me. I ccan’t understand why my grown children think it’s not serious when i try to talkto them about it. All I do is isolate myself..cry..and relive it over and over.

    1. Joan thank you so much for your email. Would you please send me your email address or a phone number so that I can call you. Are you currently seeing a therapist?

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