The most important takeaway I’d like you to get from this site is that the process of grief can affect anyone. Grief is not limited to the death of a loved one. In the times that we are living in, we see people losing jobs, losing relationships, homes are being foreclosed, the dreams you once had for your children are altered, and many of us lose the most precious asset that we have; our health. These things can create an atmosphere where the process of grief should be explored.

As a result, although I am a Christian, I do not limit my workshops and conferences to the four walls of the church. I have worked with student associations, professors, community organizers, political leaders, organ donor families as well as staff of organ donation organizations,  nonprofit and corporate professionals to                                                                                                         develop customized content for their community and look forward to working with you at your event!

If you’re interested in booking me for your next engagement, read the FAQ below:

Who Is Grief Counseling For? Although I do offer individual and group counseling to certain groups of people, if you are a Social Worker, Funeral Director, Pastor, Church Administrator, or Professional in your company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) who work with the following areas/populations where grief has occurred:

  • Vulnerability
  • Sibling Conflict Following the
  • Miscarriages and Stillborn Births
  • Adult Orphans
  • Employee Illness or Death
  • Chronic Under or Unemployed
  • Preacher’s Children
  • Rape and Abused Victims
  • Abortion and Post Abortion

Do You Customize Your Workshops? Yes, although we do offer a general overview of the grief journey, theory, and process, we often find that customized workshops often provide understanding to a specific need. For example, an Executive hired us to provide a workshop to her staff to discuss the recent passing of a valued employee. In addition, we recently held a community workshop on “Grieving During the Holidays” to a group of 30 persons of various ages who had experienced different types of personal loss. We’d be happy to customize the session according to your needs.

Tell me more……

  • We’re willing to hold training/workshops at non-traditional hours and days
  • Budget issues can be addressed to ensure your audience needs are met
  • We offer various technology based ideas to create an awesome, interactive, and educational experience based on various styles of learning including webinairs, Skype, in -classroom, or teleconferences

Why Invest In a Grief Workshop/Training/Counseling Session? It’s obvious to us why the world needs more grief healing but society as a whole subscribes to the belief that grief can be stuffed to create more functional members of society. The reality in short is failure to heal from grief can result in loss of productivity, compounded grief evolving into a lifestyle of never resolving grief, and continued culture of how to acquire but being ill-equipped when we lose in life.

What If I Don’t Live in the Atlanta Vicinity? We love to share the healing power of grief so we’re willing to travel close distances for free and far distances at your expense. Check out our BLOG section for posts on grief as well as our YouTube Channel for videos on human behavior topics.

What Is Your Fee? We’d be happy to talk to you about our workshop fee once you inform us of how you’ll need the session customized and where we’ll need to travel. No problem!

What Are Your Other Programs? 

  •  Hope For Today? Hope For Today is a teaching and audio ministry created by Danita Ogandaga to share the love of Christ with all people; particularly those who have been deeply wounded emotionally due to traumas, hurts, abandonment, and loss. As a trained social worker, Danita began her passion for helping people by watching her father and mother who were ministers. Eventually, she decided to study the field and the purpose took over to commit her life to assisting people with getting free from the lie that God is mad at them and to help them experience the unconditional love of Father God.
  •  GriefTalk? GriefTalk is a 7-week session targeting residual emotional and spiritual pain experienced by past relationships, abortions, miscarriages, death of pets and loved ones, and finding oneself after a career termination. The cycle of prolonged grief, shame, denial, anxiety, and fear affects families, communities, and the pews of the church. Our love for God and vow of religion does not dismiss us from life’s pain; it gives us an enormous comfort while healing.

GriefTalk also includes speaking engagements, podcast, and seminars to discuss the factors surrounding emotional healing after loss. We have self-guided teaching products to help you go further in your grief recovery.

  •  Seasons of Grief? Seasons of Grief is a two-part community grief seminar to provide support and comfort for those who are struggling with loss and grief during the holiday seasons. For many, the onset of grief is continuous but tends to intensify from October to January.

The first session is called Learning to Relax, Relate, and Release After Loss. The seminar helps people learn to care for themselves, understand the faces of grief, and cope with the challenges of daily life. Session two is called The Art of Grief, which provides a venue of expression of grief in various art forms. 



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