What to Expect

I know it may not always be easy to let your guard down and deal with the mumblings of your mind, but I will be here to assist you in communicating the good which creates an awesome tranquility in your life as well as the bad which has your back against the wall.

Dealing with loss…whether the loss of a loved one, job, security, or any other area in life can cause feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. Know that although you feel like it, you do not have to continue the perpetual cycle of being led by your emotions although they may be haywire and out of control right now.

Each session will offer you an amazing opportunity to have an attentive voice present to guide you through your mental sludge and set you on the path to clarity to find your way from darkness to light.

During our time together, I will listen and assist you in synthesizing the issue areas that you are experiencing and as we begin the process of developing a newer and purified mindset.

We’ll break down the sludge in your mind so that we can begin to develop new habits. We’ll do the following:

Step 1.  Assess Your Current Situation

Step 2.  Discuss Your Desired Outcome for Achieving Peace in Your Life

Step 3. Set Specific Goals to Reach That Point of Peace

Step 4. Design Your Actions and Create a Plan

Step 5. Implement Your  Plan

Step 6. Monitor Your Progress and Hold You Accountable

Step 7.  Evaluate Results and Adjust the Plan Accordingly

Before you can move forward, you must deal with the blockages so you can experience total freedom in your soul, body, and spirit.  Let’s get started.


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