Free From Hurt

Crush the Cup

Run Free: Understanding the Purpose and Power of God\’s Deliverance

Your POV

All Archived Orphan No More Podcasts (2008-present)

Comments From the Public

  1. Man that took me back, my wife really never knew how serious the movement was for me until we saw the photos and it definitely opened up our eyes to pursuing the dream again… Thank Danita.. You will always be in my heart and Darcy I need some of those beats… You remember those freestyle sessions…-Will Saunders, North Carolina-USA
  2. Wow This is such a powerful message sis!! It is clear and precise. The examples, imagery or metaphors just came to life in my head as you were speaking. You truly are an excellent Teacher and speaker.Thank you for sharing your story and therefore making us, your listeners crushing cups, then filling new ones by the grace of God and keeping on growing through the word of God. I ll be waiting for the next one coming soon. Stay blessed!!!!!
  3. Good podcast…Only you can link Bob Marley and Barack Obama! It’s old news now that Oprah Winfrey started a school for girls, many of them bearing the title (and likely the same mindset of) orphans. Shortly after the school opened, there was a problem reported to Oprah about one of the girls taking food back and storing it in her room. Finally, Oprah had to tell the young lady that she didn’t have to do that, and that the food was free and available to her whenever she wanted to eat. In other words, deliverance had come to her through the avenue of the school but she failed to change her mindset. Thanks for letting people know that this is NOT a medical condition but a state of mind. God loves us and has already paid for the procedure (with his Son), but it is our responsibility to renew our entire minds…- Dontae Solomon, California- USA

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