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Join the Orphan Spirit Webcast- Week 3 NOW!!! (click to play)

Welcome to the Orphan Spirit Webcast Week  3 with Danita Ogandaga and my special guests Larry Barnhill and Mary Held! We are discussing Addictive Strongholds tonight. Post your questions and comments below! God bless!



6 thoughts on “Join the Orphan Spirit Webcast- Week 3 NOW!!! (click to play)”

  1. For those of you who follow my podcasts and for those that tuned in for the Orphan no more webcast on on addictive strongholds, this Monday I will be following up on what I discussed in regards to forgiving our younget Delgado as I talk on The Healing of Memories. Tune in Monday at 9PM Eastern US at:
    Rev. Deacon Larry Barnhill

  2. Another question sent to me: What do you mean when you state that we internalize something and make it a stronghold? The best answer to this is that we suppress the issue and the feelings with it. We end up tying an emotion to the feeling and anything that triggers that memory the emotion burst forth. Or more commonly we begin to grip tighter and tighter upon the emotion that we can’t open up to God for His healing. Picture how you hold your hands when you want to praise God. Often our hands our out in front of us hands open and palms up. Now think about how you hold your hands when you have something in them you don’t want to give up no matter what. Often our hands become clinched fists with our palms facing either downward or inward. How can we have our hands open to receive God’s blessings if we are holding onto false things? As you think about that, picture how a child holds their arms if they want to be hugged or picked up by their father. Does it remind you of anything? It is much like we hold our hands when praising God. When we release our strongholds and remove them from our internalizing nature, we free up our arms to embrace God or Father and receive His blessings as we turn to Him as a stronghold.

  3. One of the questions brought to me was the following: Can denominational doctrines become an addictive stronghold? The answer to this is yes the can. When we run to doctrine and let it be our security blanket and source of comfort they can run the risk of replacing the message that God has revealed in Scripture. When this happens we get so caught up in the specific workings of our church that they become what we worship and it becomes an idol. Two examples of this are Westboro Baptist Church and its approached to the funerals of Soldiers or near were I am at Dove Out Reach ministries and its approach to loving our neighbors.

  4. Got questions, need prayer, or comments about the Orphan Spirit Webcast on Addictive Strongholds? Post them here and Larry, Mary and I will be on stand-by to respond to them! God bless and thanks for tuning in! If you are in need of inner healing sessions, please contact Danita Ogandaga in the contact section for more information or call 678. 680.8577.

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