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Introducing Overcoming the Orphan Spirit: Restoration for Self & Society


Since releasing this  book  in audio form on July 4th, I am pleased and appreciative to the number of people who have purchased it and those who are wanting to have concrete change in their lives.

This book offers an exploration of the orphan spirit as well as what happens when we replace God as the center of our lives. We were all made to crave something in this life to assist us with getting to the next level of progress. All to often, we look to food, drugs, relationships, shopping, and other habits to make us whole. Overcoming the Orphan Spirit:  Restoration for Self and Society discusses key topics such as mental health, establishing and breaking down defense mechanisms, healing from inner vows, and how to simply receive the love of Father God.

With a specific focus on how grief and loss and false senses of security imbalance our psychological state, this book is an essential resource in your introduction to developing a healthy perspective in life.  Order today at http://www.e-junkie.com/Trillionaire/product/489145.php


‘First i will like to congratulate you on your commitment and dedication to the call of God for your life.Also i give you a big hug and welcome to the club of author and writer, now i would like for you to complete this process by making this excellent e-book of wisdom into printed paperbacks , cds and every other format so that it can reach all and sundry online and offline. This book is unique in that it helps people know and understand God /God’s unconditional love for everybody no matter who we are or what we are. Thanks for keeping it real and identifying with the different stages of years and life struggles that we all have to go through and much more important you did a good job of showing people it’s okay to be you , be real to you and also be real with God.

I love that you exposed the religious spirit and your book empowers people to have intimacy first with God and then with others, for God created us as relational human beings.This book will help everyone that is feeling lost in their identity to know that their identity is not in the crisis they may be facing but in Christ. I enjoyed all the nuggets of wisdom and i recommend the book for everybody because learning is a process for life and we either learn by our experiences or by investing in the wisdom of others through reading their books, listening to their cd, dvd messages on their own experiences and journey in life .”More Grace Danita.’

Folakemi Ayodele, radio host, Heart to Love with FOLA & author of Nuggets for Ladies

‘Danita, your Book is Huge. Thank you so much. First, the sound is perfect. The recording system was great ! Because you share your own testimony, you make your listener feel confident. One might say ” If God did that for her, He can do it for me”. Other thing I learned in your book is this : Know God by yourself. I like that one. My only request is this: Please publish the written version of the book. People like me want to underline your thought and read it everyday. Big respect Danita’

Michel Tetchi, author De la prison `a la gloire


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