Cause Sometimes You Have to Look Again!

Danita Ogandaga, MSW

For all of the impossible that we deal with in this world, God is a God of possibility and he specializes in things that we have given up on. Two weeks and a half weeks ago my daughter, Talmer-Marie (Talmer-MarieTheWriter),  who published her first book last April 2017, Love Is A Flashlight: Why Everybody Should Carry It!

lost her iPad at a local restaurant in Fayetteville, GA. Attempting to stay on deadline for the release of her second book, Talmer-Marie and I held a meeting to plan her book at the location and she used her tablet to record the notes we discussed as well as store over half of the written content for her current and next book.

How you choose to handle discouragement is everything and sometimes you’ve just look again to see things improve, manifest, or be eradicated from your life.


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Are You Ready to Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Power, Promotion, & Purpose


Half hour taster sessions are a joke but when I started my coaching practice that was exactly what I did.

When I first started to Coach I had no idea that I could make $200, $1,000, much less $5,000 months in my sessions because it was just inspiration and the mindset was already should be free.

Trimming the fat like the daily lives, gimmick marketing, etc and showing up to genuinely share my offerings was the difference maker for me. It was a risk that I am glad I took!

I invite you into my MasterClass beginning October 1 to learn not just the inspiration that has counseled and led many through soul work and grief recovery but the practical strategies, project and organizational management, and grit I developed that assisted in planning and executing a successful three year coaching tour in 8 countries with my husband, monthly production of over 100+ online courses, deep wound healing workshops for women, 7+ books, and a creativity generation stream with my children.

The class is limited to 10 people and doors will close. I’ll give you my step-by-step action plan. Let’s do this! Registration is now open! 💃🏾https://bit.ly/2NgJGfZ


UnDoing: Living A Lie and Calling It The Truth Book Now Available…….


🚀It’s launch day for my 5th book, UnDoing: Living A Lie And Calling It The Truth….whew ☝️ this book challenged, broke, and delivered me all at the same time! If you’re struggling with:
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