Emotional Healing

Dealing with Regret

Death stings but we honor life today. I see many clients who have experienced the death of a loved one and the issue is the same….regret. I wish that I would have or I wish that they had. It grieves my heart when someone shows up to a session with me and we draft a (20) page letter of things that were forgotten or suppressed and not said over mis or non communication. I grab their hands until they scream with pain wanting God to take them too. Regret is a beast and although we have to accept the serenity that a loved one is gone, we have the power to change the communications while we are here on Earth to the best of our ability.

Take the time to embrace your family. All is not perfect in life, with the job, and with the church but we still make it our business to go to each one faithfully. Similarly, we should take the time to love our family members and stop waiting until conditions are perfect to communicate. Newsflash…they never will be! Stop waiting for the funeral to pour your Manischewitz and put that dolla in the casket. It will do no good! God is eternal people are not. Love on your family, crush the cup of inconsistent communication and family drama…..BRAVO has no more slots for reality TV this season. Good, bad, perfect, indifferent, or agreeing to disagree, God made us all a family–Get over what could be your own distraction…….yourself
I would not be telling you to do something that I have not had to walk through myself. Peace!