You Bout It?

Master P used to rock me to my core with the song, “You Bout It”. I am sure yall remember that song awakening the motivation in us to pursue those things we wanna do. Far from that now, I am on a motivation journey to fulfill the complete will of God for my life.

Last night in my 2nd or 3rd phase of sleep, I stated dreaming about a parking lot. Yeap, a parking lot that wwas filled with a many cars, some red, some white, some BMW’s and some Grand Prix. I even saw my favorite ride, an Impala. Still, I looked and the lot went for miles and miles. I though oh wow, is this a sign that my car harvest os on the way and I am going to pick up my Ford F150 Lariat Edition?

All at once, it became clear that this dream belonged to Orphan No More and God had another word of encouragement to sow into the hearts of HIS people. Many of us visit a parking lot on a daily, I go from the parking lot to the train back to the parking lot on an everyday basis. I began to see all of the variety of cars with various models and make-ups some shining, some dull, some larger, and some small, some roomy, and some compact. Then POW! The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, ” There are so many people who are sitting int he parking lot of life atrophying and waiting for their “number” to be called. They don’t want to self-inflict pain to themselves via suicide but they have literally checked out of life and have resigned from feeling. Just WUSH (waiting until something happens) rather than PUSH (provoking or praying until something happens).

Did you know that after my father and mother died, I had no reason to want to live. I was like what is the point? The best part of me was waking up to see them and for that, I was like a car in the parking lot just sitting. While I sat, I consumed drugs and pierced myself in every section you could imagine-not feeling anything because I was numb! God had to get a hold of me and pour HIS righteousness into me…and let me know that my BEST days were AHEAD of me NOT behind me! I was not an ORPHAN, because God adopted me!

Maybe you are a “shinny Ford Taurus” or a “metallic Volvo Jeep” or maybe you’re the car that is sitting in the lot on blocks with all four wheels gone…God can still use you! He wants you to rev up your engine and WAKE UP…WAKE UP……GET UP, GET, OUT, and GET SOMETHING……BE ABOUT YOUR PURPOSE TODAY!


Danita Ogandaga

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