Good Morning Jesus Prayer

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” title=”Good Morning Jesus Prayer”>Good Morning Jesus Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Giving honor to you and all you do.The rhinestone pin didn’t mean a thing like Kim Zolicak’s ring just a placeholder till I understood that works of appearance was an interference blinding me from the me that I can not see. Reading the bible till twilight entering every prayer line cause I was trailing dirt, the shame of my past, but like a battery and Energizer Bunny you will Everlast! You ripped my hurt signed the papers and made it your own releasing me to get engrafted in joy and peace, Oh, Jesus, I love you like I do, I……there is no one else that can make me brand new. So I’m taking the white tam off my head settling for a cracker and some orange juice saying it’s finished before I go to bed. Settling the score burying the ignorance of the ones who are ignorant to your process called faith. You see a whino on the street cleaned up and making his strongest drink Kool-aid while  serving you on the daily.  I appreciate you. You’re the very best!

Amen. #truthintheinwardpartdanitaogandaga


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