Emotional Healing

Serita Jakes on BROKENness!

All dressed up to go where you were always destined to be. God loves us to much to leave us where we think we need to be. That placed called all that, that place where we think we are better than this person or that person. Serita Jakes, I love you and appreciate you letting the body know that we don’t have to conceal ABORTION, SEXUAL ABUSE, TRAUMATIC LIFE EXPERIENCES, or INCEST. God has a plan for all that and He wants to get thr glory for all of it. WE gotta go through what we need to go through to get ALL that GOD has for us!

Thank you for the strength to keep moving forward with the Orphan No More Podcast, encouraging the masses to let their mess be recycled into messages! I know that God has HIS hand on my life and I will follow this call until Jesus comes!

God is calling us out to be used for HIS glory!!!!!

Praise you Jesus!!!!! Katabakasetumashui! Glory to God!!!!!


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