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The Gift of Time

Seeing 34 in a few days and saying peace to my stretch marks because the maturation process of life is an experience in itself. Stripping off the old knowledge once read-it no longer sticking to my mentals. Ultra bond denture cream can’t hold it because I gotta release it! Kinda like learning your ABCs and 123s only to
discover that there was another set waiting around the corner. The Wii replacing the Atari, the Mac Book Pro replacing the typewriter. Victimization
being recycled into Victorization! I win because the greater one is in me. To every thing there is a season–turn, turn, turn a time to rest and a time to fly.Feeling way to friendly to feelings had to evict them from ruling my life and anyone assuming that form. A time to sit and a time to walk. A time to be silent and a time to speak. A time to tolerate and a time to agitate. Security never brought freedom, just the illusion of such. Each has a caveat and a set of regulations. Not now denying my feelings just controlling them!Peace #andthechurchsaid….

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