Orphan Spirit

Recognizing the Orphan Spirit- Danita Ogandaga


Experiencing loss is inevitable! Our healing rests in how we approach it! There is freedom from the Orphan Spirit! I hope that you will experience additional clarity in your life for recognizing if the Orphan Spirit is an issue that explains the behavior, mindset, or “that thing” that you have been dealing with for many days, months, or years.

God came to set the captive free and that means you! He wants the very best for us and does not want to see his children absent from experiencing love, even though we may not have received that love from our natural mother or father. How we approach the things in life that we lose will make the difference in our ability to take hold of the healing that God is offering to us.

Culture and society are readily waiting to help you to identify yourself and employ you on the neverending treadmill of adopting culture that is swift and everchanging. God wants us our of the rat race and into the Kingdom of His love.

The Orphan Spirit is defined as anything in this life that has been present in your life for some time in which you find a deep attachment to or a bond that is deep seated. Once that attachment is broken, you develop a mindset in which you do not believe that life can exist without that “thing” or person in your life. The orphan spirit can be debilitating because it causes you to develop the extreme of becoming a hermit and enclosed within yourself or caught up in a cycle of people pleasing where you can not rest or enjoy life; in essence, you are always looking for something whether that be love or things to fill a void.

Recognizing the Orphan Spirit can assist us in beginning the stages of healing; it all starts with:

  • Fully recognizing or accepting that the orphan spirit has become a stronghold in your life.
  • Ask God for revelation of the truth of His word to assist you in breaking those strongholds.
  • Forgive, Forgive, Forgive and let yourself and those persons in your life who harmed you to go so you can walk into your wealthy place of freedom and serenity in receiving the unconditional love of God.
  • Open yourself up to the life that God has purposed you to live. He has called us to rest and to enjoy life to the fullest!

Doing these things will assist you in breaking free from this deafning stronghold and walking into all that God has for you!


Loved to love,

Danita Ogandaga, MSW

@Copyrighted 2012


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