The Thought Bubble

In case you missed this…..here goes again. Time to think about what we think about!

Danita Ogandaga, MSW







Are you thinking about what you’re thinking about? Studies show ( speakers and preachers do too) that we don’t really often think about what we are thinking about. Sometimes, it’s much easier to just let a thought play out in our minds. When we let thoughts play out in our minds, this is often the best time that most of us gain our inspiration to move from reaction to action.

For many of us, not thinking about what we think about can be costly, because we realize that as we inventory our minds, we find patterns of decisions, habits, and inner vows that we have sworn to as a result of something that occured years ago in our lives.

The bible is so laser on how to capture the thoughts that we think about. I am a Preacher’s Kid, in love with God, and can…

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