Mother’s Day for the Living and Loved


REMEMBERING MOTHERS WITHOUT LIVING CHILDREN: Although I have two children, I am also the mother of a child who died. This weekend offers bittersweet memories of a love that runs so deep, it transcends understanding.

The world many never understand your silence and I get the pain of shouting ” I’m a mother too” aloud, but I really need you to hear me right now (1) I affirm that you ARE a mother (2) Take the time to discuss your birth, stillbirth, or miscarriage with someone (3) Acknowledge the void in your life so that you will not rely on people, places, and things to fill it

(4) Allow God to heal. Isolation awaits for those who are never given the space to mourn, heal, and give life again.

Don’t shut peace out.

You deserve it!

We’re always here to assist you in your grief and transition to peace.



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