Get a Life: The Reality of We

Shopping causes you to walk past the windows mouth watering watching the latest fashion on a plastic mold of a man or woman wondering how is this gonna look on me. Driving in your Pontiac or Corolla passed at the light by the new version of the BMW-X5 salivating how you’d look behind the wheel minute by minute replays in your mind of trumping the driver so you can get under that wheel and v room…..v room…….

In a world of security, in these great United States and Nation of We, religion reigns high, creating causes for us to have mediocre relationships with ourselves while we wine and dine the relationships with others, not liking ourselves, wishing we lived in another’s neighborhood, driving another’s car, loving another’s lover, reveling in reality TV while conjuring up a pseudo-lifestyle for you–to star in your own reality show….”Keeping up with (insert your name here)”.

Strongholds block our memories and cause us to dwell in an eternal state of false reverence that to like and to love ourselves is anti-loving God-after all God is meek and lowly and if he gave you a gift–you don’t have to flaunt it—instead we adopt cover-up and self-hatred strategies and coveting tactics to cover-up how we really feel–impressing Mike with that new dress when you’ve got .50 in the bank or the extreme…taking Molly to McDonald’s when you wanna take her to Sun Dial ( testing her to see if she can handle being with you because you loaded but don’t like yourself). We can get lost into spiraling into a space where we may not feel worthy of success or looking into the future because our present is filled with such inconsistencies—-lay-offs, abuse, fragile relationships, layers of fat, etc.

While we are moving forward, it is important to enjoy where we currently are! Things may not be in the best shape that they could be but we are alive and trust me…..things could be alot worse. Ruled by our emotions causes a continuous attack on our Perspective (per-spek-tiv)- analyzing the space that exists on a flat surface. On that flat surface we may have a paid for car that you’ve driven for six years and you want a new car to “fit in” with your peers, who may be making car payments. WhY sUbJeCt YoUrSeLF tO a CaR pAyMeNt WhEn ThE cAr Is PaId FoR? Total Fail.Psalms 37:23 says that the steps of a good man/woman are ordered by the Lord. We are the righteousness of God and God wants to be happy and secure where we are. I lived a life of complaining, cover-up, chaos, coveting, and conflict all because I did not know how much God loved me and wanted me to be happy. Unsure of my purpose at the time, I felt like I had to please, please, and please until I came to the point and said please, “What and where can these dirt creatures put me?” God is working on me and I know that He is working on you! I had to make a firm decision…..live in joy loving God or die!

Solomon searched for happiness having two of everything (servants, houses, and wives) to fill his life. He said, the end of the matter was to fear and worship God knowing that He is. From the Ghettos to the Mansions…….God wants us to obey him, knowing we can not make it without him. We don’t need to get a life, we need to obey God and there our life with equalize and EvErYtHiNg BrOkEn WiLl bE FiXeD!

On my way knowing it’s all gonna be okay,

Danita Ogandaga, MSW
Orphan No More Podcast


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