God is speaking. Are you listening. He has a billion ways to get our attention. Mine came in the form of a rather rough fall which led me to the ER with a knee effusion. So out of work for almost a week landed me on my back saying, “Lord why did you forsake me?” Has this ever happened to you? Like a bicycle sitting inverted in a laundrymat, operable, but not in use. God is using a cow, a bell, and of all things, the wind, to get our attention and our focus turned back to him. When life vaccums us into its twists and turns, we must remember that we belong to Him and He gets the first of everything. God knows the very hairs that are on your head, trust me, He knows when you need to be where you need to be and when.

So this morning, about 2 am, God showed me this vision and said, “Religion has gotten many folk by the neck-serving me because the good book says to, Fear is ckoking the life out of many causing them to love me out of obligation with conditions, Ignorance is causing a generation to become insane thinking they can actually carve their names on a hill equivalent to Hollywood, and become stars in their own strength. I am God and its gonna take some straight violence and perseverance to take this world by force.”

Insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result.Accepting this truth and the course that it has taken in our lives, let’s get out of the rut of insanity and strive to perservere!For in steady persistence, we’re on a course of action in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement!

Peace & Blessings to all,

Danita Ogandaga, MSW


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