Sweet Surrender

Six years ago marked a transitional time in my life. Growing into womanhood, Like Jill Scott full of uncertainty yet knowing there was a journey with my name on it. I bought a bible and began to read it. Like light it illuminated. I felt like a shirt agitated in a washer machine,,,,,being cleaned and renewed.

My life guardians Djakarta Solomon, Brian Hood, Stacia Smith Solomon, and Dontae Solomon counseled me and led me into the arms of life to tackle every situation with the peace and wisdom of God. As I walked, my college friend since ’98, Darcy F Ogandaga resurfaced like a recycled wind, only this time, rather than us talking half French/half English about the Diaspora, Tupac and Biggie, he was illuminating and full of the wisdom and knowledge of God with a custom solution for living life on this place we call Earth.

History is the rest, He proposed and six years ago I said YES! Today is our Engagement Day! Celebrating the essence of LOVE all day! Mwah!


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