mInD x 2: tHe TrAp Of DoUbLeMiNdNeSs

Being of two minds just don’t mix. First you get your mind set and your direction fixed only to find that straight ahead there something fresher, cleaner, wiser, more leaner than what you had before. Looking at what you have and measuring it against what you’re seeing can cause one to develop blindness due to a perpetual state of double-mindedness in your mentality, physical being, and your purpose for life.

Certainty is defined as that perfect knowledge that has total security from error and the state of being without doubt yet once a quality decision is reached and doublemindness comes the strength to keep keeping on when life start looking crazy have you wanting to pop about 2-3-4 rolaids or drink a ginger ale to aleviate the heart burn you feel.

Galatians 5:7 asked, “Who cut into your race and stopped you from running a good race towards your destined finish towards the truth?”Whether the devil or his grandmother or your neighbor and their friends, there are things that cut into our path that cause us to feel justified that we should continue gravitating towards a belief–whether emotionalism or a sense of entitlement due to past hurts in life even when we know that the truth is that those feelings are temporary and we have the upmost power to flick those “chips” off of our shoulder like some dandruff off your neck…..but why don’t we?

Charles Capps said it best in that we are continuously saying the things that we have while we can take full possession of the things that we want-–but there is a comfort—a sort of security in what you’ve always known—Billy Bob never did what he said he was gonna do so as a result your expression was always, “You Make Me Sick!” and you wondered why you got an ulcer now. You may say, ” I’ll never give Detrick control over my life because nobody is gonna control me!” and you wondered why the closest you ever got to a marriage proposal was watching The Wedding Planner, the movie.

We dam ourselves with the very words that we say and as a result, God is not able to move on our behalf because we are cluttered in an armored mindset of comfort in saying the same things yet expecting totally different results…such insanity. I realized this state of comfort having turned mad as hell to the church after the loss of my parents, them accepting “divine” health, me thinking that it meant that God was going to heal and recycle them back to me on this Earth for me to enjoy—while it meant that they’d have to leave the Earth in order to receive the “divine health”. I shouted, “How dare He (God)” do such a thing to me when I walked the hospital floors praying for them, got good grades in school, always made the house shine, treated my dorm mates right, and did not cuss….All the efforts in my tool box could not rescue the plan of God so I cut into my race and detoured my path to the truth…filling it with a variety of fillers….you know that stuff they put in meat to make it taste good…..the things we do to make life “taste” good! They did not work….they did not work……the fillers in my life that I used to make life “taste good” did not work…..just like you find yourself surrounded by more food, more pocketbooks, more Gucci Bags, Designer Jeans than you can ever wear, those fillers are not going to bring them back, bring him or her back, stop the pain and numb your raining of fear and hurt.

As long as we have what we say, we will have what we say and see what we just said we have wondering what happened, being double minded with a headache needing relief. Looking beyond what we can see in the natural takes work….trust me…I walk it out on a daily…….adjusting my attitude and cleaning my window on a regular……but I am determined to live a life of faith and not insanity without sabotaging my destiny in the process.Apply faith to your life today. God specializes in things that are impossible!


Danita Ogandaga

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