UnDoing: Living A Lie and Calling It The Truth Book Now Available…….


🚀It’s launch day for my 5th book, UnDoing: Living A Lie And Calling It The Truth….whew ☝️ this book challenged, broke, and delivered me all at the same time! If you’re struggling with:
📍Sexual Identity
📍Career Advancement
📍Intimacy In Your Marriage
📍Figuring Out Your Next Move
📍Healing Old Wounds
📍Tapping Into Your Creativity


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If I could count on my hands the number of times that I have heard, ” 2017 is going to be my year” and ” 2018 will be my year”, I would be a richer woman right now! In reality, the past 365 days have caught many of us by surprise and we faced many ups and downs but still we are alive.

I, like you, believe that 2017 was a year focused on RESTORATION and dubbed by some as the YEAR OF JUBILEE. With all of the things that have transpired, have you taken the time to process it all? Are you holding a pretty card that says FAITH but are unsure how to activate it? Are you journaling but unsure of the natural next step to produce all that you are writing?

I believe at the heart of all that we do as women and men in this world, with all of the talents and achievements that we possess, caring for ourselves is essential for us to gain the clarity that we need to go to the next level. I have created a home to hold this discussion and the countless messages that I receive on a daily basis about creating space for greatness and I do believe that if not already present, you are about to walk into a boat load of blessings in 2018.

I invite you to come along with me for the next 15 days. We’ll have intensive discussions on topics nearest to your heart, transparency, healing, and strategies to resolve and go forward in life. Every day, in addition to the exchange in our Members Only Private Facebook Group, you will receive the following:

  • Encouraging email and video content
  • Confessions and Affirmations
  • Heart Work Exercises to examine your current stage of life and a blueprint to access your next level
  •  Art and Music Playlist to allow music to align your positive vibes

I hope you are ready to be open because one thing that I have learned in this social media environment, transparency does not belong to everyone so I am happy to create this space for ALIGNMENT.

There is much trepidation with preparing this environment but I am sure that we will have an amazing time of healing rebuilding, purging, encouraging, and most of all, empowerment to prepare to walk into our destiny and fill our hands with all that the Creator has destined for us to have.

I look forward to working with all of you.

Forever full blessings,

Danita Ogandaga

REGISTER FOR ALIGNMENT HERE: paypal.me/danitaogandaga

***NEXT STEP: Once registration is complete, Send me an inbox and YOU will receive access to the Members Only Private Facebook Group to access the ALIGNMENT 15 Day Mental Purge Challenge. 

I realize many of us have other alias’ on social media ( and I totally respect your privacy) SO I’m requesting that you inbox me after your registration is complete and you will be added to the group. 



Join me TONIGHT at 9pm EST for “When Getting Over It Won’t Work Anymore!” on FB LIVE

overIt’s been a long time I must say since I have entered a blog post on my website partly due to having another baby just 7 weeks ago and dealing with nine months of hyperemesis gravidarum but we’re still here.

If you are new to my work, allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Danita and I am a trained social worker, coach, and author who believes to the core of my soul that alot of the things that we deal with in this life are not based on illnesses but the state of mind in which we frame them. For the past twelve years, I have traveled across the world teaching people about the orphan spirit, handling trauma, and how to balance the life and work transitions that we go through.  I LOVE to work with people who are in need of organization of thoughts, inventory of traumas, and overall good people who want to be re-directed to their purpose after all, we have a wonderful destiny that awaits us; each of us!

Tonight, I will be doing a Facebook Live on my professional page @DanitaSOgandaga and invite you to attend. This LIVE is for you if you have  tried to keep telling yourself to get over it and are tired of being told to get over it, because the truth of the matter is, YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT!

I hope to see you on the LIVE tonight at 9pm EST.