Hello My Name Is……HIS

Life in a pit causes confusion and a constant headache that even Aleve can alleviate. When you’re thrown into a pit–say -due to job loss, loss of a loved one, tussle with a friend, or a loan gone sour, you look to the left and to the right for peace and a soothing word to tell you the way to get out of the situation. When you jump into a pit, due to life’s situations —a bad break-up, being raped or sexually abused, drug usage, not being able to see clear or choose the right direction to go, you know that God is there but you can FEEL him because the addiction has taken a hold of you. Ever slipped into a pit via depression, hurt, anger, or persistent fear that continually tells you that you wILL NEVER escape? Well the devil and his mother in law are both liars because the power of God is greater than drugs, alcohol, pornography, food, or whatever else you can stand~!

God came to set the captive free! Just as he delivered Daniel from the Lion’s Den, that power is effectual and full of power today to lift you up and out of whatever pit you find yourself into! We can wait on God, but know that many times God is waiting on us! We can rejoice in knowing that trouble does not last always and the peace of God that passes all understanding is guarding our heart and mind. God loves us and He wants the very best for us. When you are feeling sad or unhappy about life, just look up and sing a song to God, use praise as your weapon and keep singing —through pain…keep pressing!

You may have had a jacked up start but God is the finisher of your faith!In everything we must make a quality decision to believe, leave, or cleave! Proverbs 3:26 says that God will be our confidence and keep our foot from being caught in a net or trap. I hold onto these words as I go through everyday knowing that God is my trust and my confidence should come from him not from people or things but God should be our source! This has been a struggle due to the academic mindset of trusting my intellectualism to take me to the next level. I see things on a whole new level and realize that God is the source of that. He is my peace, regulator, my everything! Let Him be your source today! Introduce yourself as, Hello, My Name Is……HIS!


Danita Ogandaga

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