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iNsAnItY: the illusion of security

Attacking insanity, you know, doing the same thing, the same exact thing that life brings 9-5, 365 round and round, expecting a different result like a person wearing a straight jacket expecting to leave Walmart and come outside and wash then drive his car.

Is a straight jacket straight or does it have you bound in tangled knots with the appearance that it is protecting you from yourself–when in reality, it’s really protecting you from harming others. Today, like an agitator in a washing machine, cycle high, the realization that I gaining with age is amazing that the process of walking in victory is simple steps of consistency in the purposed direction you were meant to travel. The term no pain, no gain rings true and sometimes in life you will endure the pain to get to the gain- although when you’re traversing that road….it almost NEVER seems that way!

Sunshine can not come without the cleansing of the rain just as gold can not be purified without being refined in the fire. You’ll never be able to comprehend if you don’t soon get hooked on phonics.See my point.

Are you tired? Tired of getting soothed like tea from the words of inspiration- something on the inside of you telling you that things can be different- you can improve your situation, you can begin again and follow your purposed dream…but like a person in a straight jacket—you feel a resistance or like Beres Hammond, you’re putting up a resistance? You copy and paste magazine articles to fit your specific situation and look at the outcomed end with much doubt that you can go past step 2 of the 10 steps.

The most painfulest lesson of life that I learned was to move me out of my way! Fasting, Praying, Confessing, was not going to change the stinking thinking that I had engaged in as a result of past hurts and the pain of losing a set of loved ones who meant everything. For those who told you that time heals all wounds…..they lied! God is the only one who can soothe and coat your wounds with his protective “liquid skin” washing you with the water of his word so that you’ll never feel the pain again.

In this life, I realized that with everything, the desicion to succeed, get saved, marry one man, and maintaining natural hair starts with a quality decision- to let go of the popular belief strand of floating through life taking whatever comes your way, staying religious toting a bible and sipping on Henny, having an “open” marriage, or perming your hair—they all begin from the root of a quality decision made.

Likewise, the decision to step from doubt and fear into faith is a gigantic step and will require going against the grain and often the pain—seeing well into your desired state although you facing foreclosure, lost a job, or in process of divorcing a mate. We have the power to change our circumstances with our mouth——calling “money cometh” or “Job cometh” or “man cometh” or healing cometh” when we “feel” every sense of doubt.

When I became engaged to Darcy, the best gift that he gave me was not a platinum ring (although that is a phenomenal gift to receive 🙂 rather a shopping trip into the bookstore of our church allowing me to purchase tape series of subjects that I was struggling with as a result of grieving my parents, succeeding in life with a Spirit of Self-Preservation, Trusting that my “mate” would not die like my parents died, and the bold lie that i was so successful that I did not want to have children to take me off my path—you know the little big lies and things we tell ourselves to keep going like an energizer bunny to keep the bosses and ‘them happy!

The shopping trip was preceded with a visit to me in Pittsburgh during my days as a professor and consultant, I was happy to see my friend again! When he showed up at the airport, he was glowing like an angel, and later that night, I found myself getting rededicated and Darcy leading me through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Most, of all, like Joyce and Dave Meyer, he knew that I was an accomplished professional that was hurting on the inside.

It never clicked inside that my life would change to this magnitude that God would interrupt my plans to heal me and them put me back into school before I got too caught up in the mindset of the world—-selah and think about the goodness of God and how he craft fully interrupts our plans to love on us—-what a love!

Sunshine can not come without the cleansing of the rain just as gold can not be purified without being refined in the fire. You’ll never be able to comprehend if you don’t soon get hooked on phonics.See my point.Insanity is the illusion of security and eventually they will all fall down.


Danita Ogandaga

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