Like a teenager sitting on her hands reading the bible to keep from cuttin herself reviewing life wondering why continue to live in a life of misery. A mother holding her stillborn baby asking why has God forsaken her. A man holding a pink slip in hand while wondering what he will tell his wife. A husband finding his wife at the local cafe with another woman all booed up. A writer having their book contract denied, God has something more in store for you! Never give up! What would have happened if Mary would have shunned the stables and refused to give birth to Jesus? What would have happened if you did not press through your greatest test? You’d never be able to be here in this present state of your life doing what you are doing right now. You survived and you did not give up! God loves you! Never give up! God assures us in Hebrews 13:5 that He will never let us down, He’ll never walk off and leave us! If you have to mirror yourself and say this a thousand times a day until it seeps into your heart, just do it! Just never give up!


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