2008-2011 Danita’s Reflection Rewind

I write—-as a kite taking flight and a moth running towards the light- I write– for the afflicition on my brotherhood to the oppression suffered by my sisterhood- last night I wept for you. I wept that that the year of inhibitions would end in 08 and 09 would be a year for the dam to break and an overflow of creativity to burst through the seams of history. The book, the business, the baby, the marriage, the weight loss, the clean-up, the separation, the confession, the relocation, the termination would begin and ring as freedom rang! Time has created a new stance for us –so heighten your awareness– don’t turn inward- turn outward- become a stewart of your community— don’t celebrate the elected man— join the movement and knowledge yourself in the cause. If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything– dragged like a rag doll. Your name is no lomger Orphan Annie!

For those that know me– they know I reach way down to bowels of my soul to write. Life will be alright. Every secret encounter you’ve faced- release it and clean up your mental state. Clorox the tradegies, the loss, the abuse, the unlucky coin toss! Mop up your issues of yesterday and start anew.

Enter 2009 with a shield- someone who can watch over you like no man ever could. I share the one who changed my life for the ultimate better with you. Jesus.

Repeat this ” I know may have heard about you before Jesus, but today I accept you now as my Deliverer. I remove myself from the footprint of my past and I turn to you for new life. I know that my life has been enriched by the decision that I made today! Thank you for being my Deliverer!

You will never walk alone again! Peace and Blessings!


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