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Drop Them Bags: Forgive Now!

Everyone knows that forgiveness is not easy! Stephen Hayes suggested that unforgiveness is like being on a giant hook. Next to you on the hook is the person who has hurt you. The hook is extremely painful and wherever you go, so does that hook and so does the offender. The only way you can get off the hook is if you allow the offender off first. The cost of not allowing the offender off of the hook is, perhaps, a lifetime of unhappiness. Is it really worth it to spend your life unhappy?

Join me and one of my clients, Berenice, as we discuss her powerful testimony of forgiveness! The spanish version is also available on YouTube.

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Be blessed!


6 thoughts on “Drop Them Bags: Forgive Now!”

  1. I have a process for dealing with forgiveness: Ask – what is my greatest benefit from NOT forgiving? Then, ask – What is my greatest benefit IF I forgive? The honest and open answers to these two questions will show someone how their greatest benefit in their life it TO forgive. Nice video. 🙂

  2. Wonderful testimony.. I felt so much love from hearing this… Joy, Peace, and happiness. Thankyou for sharing this message.. Bless you both

    1. Cheryl- Thank you so much for watching the testimony! God has truly worked wonders. We plan to have her back to discuss the trip. Consider following our blog. Thanks.

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