UnDoing: Living A Lie and Calling It The Truth Book Now Available…….


🚀It’s launch day for my 5th book, UnDoing: Living A Lie And Calling It The Truth….whew ☝️ this book challenged, broke, and delivered me all at the same time! If you’re struggling with:
📍Sexual Identity
📍Career Advancement
📍Intimacy In Your Marriage
📍Figuring Out Your Next Move
📍Healing Old Wounds
📍Tapping Into Your Creativity


My new online store will open at midnight. Follow the link to purchase your signed copy of #UnDoingTheBook📕
➡️ https://gumroad.com/danitaogandaga

Thank You!




Join me TONIGHT at 9pm EST for “When Getting Over It Won’t Work Anymore!” on FB LIVE

overIt’s been a long time I must say since I have entered a blog post on my website partly due to having another baby just 7 weeks ago and dealing with nine months of hyperemesis gravidarum but we’re still here.

If you are new to my work, allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Danita and I am a trained social worker, coach, and author who believes to the core of my soul that alot of the things that we deal with in this life are not based on illnesses but the state of mind in which we frame them. For the past twelve years, I have traveled across the world teaching people about the orphan spirit, handling trauma, and how to balance the life and work transitions that we go through.  I LOVE to work with people who are in need of organization of thoughts, inventory of traumas, and overall good people who want to be re-directed to their purpose after all, we have a wonderful destiny that awaits us; each of us!

Tonight, I will be doing a Facebook Live on my professional page @DanitaSOgandaga and invite you to attend. This LIVE is for you if you have  tried to keep telling yourself to get over it and are tired of being told to get over it, because the truth of the matter is, YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT!

I hope to see you on the LIVE tonight at 9pm EST.