2016: Your New Normal

goals 2016

It’s time to begin again……….

For the past 10 years, I have loved waking up in the morning and putting inspiration on your email or social media channels, taking clients, speaking at conferences, and answering private inboxes. There is nothing like inspiration to help you when you are in need of it.

Deciding to follow God’s plan rather than my own has been one of the most exciting, yet scary, interesting, yet ( wait…looking for an adjective) rides of my entire life but I realize that through all of the things that we go through in this life, we simply MUST believe in something greater than ourselves.

The final week of 2015 can cause great anxiety if you have not felt closure in your life. Looking back at the events and activities that you have not yet been able to check off as complete can cause one to really get down in the dumps. Let me pause and congratulate you if, unlike the rest of many, who have not been able to advance to a completed list.

Let me encourage you not to beat yourself up any more. There may, in fact, be some reasons as to why you are not motivated to move forward, still make excuses that you don’t even believe yourself, and red pen your past. Could it be that it was so much more comfortable to live there than to break out into the unknown?

For those that know my work, I specialize in restorative griefwork and helping people get clear about the issues of their hearts. These issues, if not dealt with, will deal with you, causing you to shut down and check out. I want to remind you that there is something that is working in your favor even when you do not believe that you have the energy to go on…….. I believe that all of us were created with a purpose, a dream, goals, much bigger than ourselves, but we are still holding onto the griefs of yesterday: failed marriage, loss job, ruined relationships, rotten business deal? Whatever, it is ……..you can begin again and create a NEW NORMAL for yourself where you can take baby steps into your new purpose and THRIVE.

So what if you have not completed the check list. I encourage you to sit up, stand up, crawl, run into 2016 because you are alive. That, my friend, has to mean something!

I’m excited to share what is to come for Danitaogandaga.com in 2016.

  1. Live Events- -If you missed our December 2015 Happy Anyways event which models our previous poetry readings, we are starting that once again to provide space for people to clarify their journey verbally which then empowers others on their journey. Stay tuned for information for our FEBRUARY 2016 event in Fayetteville, GA! Ticket information will be announced soon as well as other dates through 2016.
  2. Live Webinars—–We’re introducing a new webinar format that will be conversation style discussing grief, loss, restoration, and recovery in a whole new way. I  hope you will join me.
  3. Books and Audio Products- Our product line is growing with new books, audio teachings and online courses. Check my book boutique at  www.danitaogandaga.bigcartel.com for more information.
  4. Online Courses ( Self-Study)— We’re teaming up with Big Cartel and Udemy and other online course houses to bring you new courses that will join the courses already a part of danitaogandaga.com including Social Media Counts, a unique course about social media and our need for belonging and Happy Anyways, a course about finding happiness in all the right places. Get your copy now and check our site for new updates!

We love you and cheers to growing, knowing, and healing from every issue of life!

Danita Ogandaga


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