Special Periscope on Survivorship: When A Patient Becomes A Person


If you’ve EVER been a ‪#‎caretaker‬, ‪#‎therapist‬, ‪#‎pastor‬, ‪#‎teacher‬, or ‪#‎person‬who’s transitioned from being a PATIENT to a PERSON, you know that this can come with MUCH UNCERTAINTY with your identity, who you are now, and how far should you believe God? Watching my sister and her journey practically erased much of what I thought could be hypothetical as a social behavioral researcher after all, we had it wrong: people don’t always respond to the stimuli of their environment.

WHY? Grace came to restore the power to the one who truely gave us life. Once we move from the hospital bed, abusive marriage, lousy job, we STILL have to connect to something BIGGER than ourselves. We can’t be INDEPENDENT. NO, we live in Him!

Not trying to be deep, but YOU KNOW I AM A SOLOMON and I love JESUS and I hope you’ll join me on Sunday at 6pm via Periscope.

If the chat grows, we’ll continue the conversation on Monday too.

See you soon and bring a struggling friend! ‪#‎TeamLynch‬ ‪#‎patienttoperson‬ ‪#‎findingyournewnormal‬




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