Coupon Concierge $400 Coupons & A Poem Contest

(snap, snap snap while I clip, clip, clip).

Clipping coupons and writing poetry are 2 of my favorite activities! For the month of January, I want to send Coupon Concierge’s Ultimate Fan $400 worth of coupons to add to your coupon organizer!



3 quick steps to enter the contest………

  1. Subscribe to this Blog,
  2. LIKE our Facebook Coupon Concierge Bindery Systems Fan Page on Facebook, and
  3. Simply CLICK on “Contact Me” (located above) “Coupon Concierge” and send a relevant poem (one entry per person, w/ poem no more than 14 lines in length)  with the words “Coupon Concierge” located within the body of the poem.

The winning poem will be selected by the Coupon Concierge Bindery Systems Team; the winning poem will be published here on as well as on the Coupon Concierge Bindery Systems Facebook Fan Page and will receive $400 worth of coupons (courtesy of Mundo Hispanico).

So get inspired and write, dear couponers! Submit your work! Contest ends Friday, January 20, 2012 at 7:00pm. Winners will be announced Sunday, January 22, 2012!

*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


The One Thing

So, we’re in the 3rd week of promoting “Confessions of a Coupon Mom” and I am in awe of the amount of support and feedback, inquiries, and requests that I am receiving concerning the divine wisdom that God has downloaded into me concerning coupons.

Organizing is my absolute passion and it beings me much joy and therapy after a long day! What is a chore to most is the very gift that you have been honing inside of you for years!

While reading Proverbs 31, I realized that Responsibilities in life promote Resourcefulness. Whether you are a sole provider in your household, single parent, widow, or businesswoman, assisting your household or team can cause feelings of burnout and the need to re-group to develop alternative solutions to your situations.

Martha and Mary, I am sure you know about these two sisters in the bible who has a dinner party with Jesus! Martha was frazzled and unfocused DOER, as many of us are sometimes, so much to the point that she could not focus on the task at hand….to get her “one thing” that something that could change everything. She continued to burn herself out going back and forth to the kitchen to please everyone while she was pooped and irritated. God wants us at peace in order for our perspective, purpose, and power to be cultivated. Mary knew this and as a result she, being a THINKER sat right down and listened to what Jesus was saying!

God has a customized solution for your life and I am here to help you get it! Information is on every street, but a customized solution for your life can only be gained with your pursuit of it!

“Confessions of a Coupon Mom by Danita Ogandaga” will guide you step by step on the process of couponing, getting organized, locating your coupons, de-cluttering your mind to focus on your custom strategy, and conclude with an expressive therapy session of writing custom confessions for you and your family!

Check out my YOUTUBE video under the Coupon Concierge Tab of my blog for Coupon 101. Ready to start your journey? Click and Purchase