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UNLESS: A Bottle of Prescription

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Unless………this word has been affiliated with so many of the things that I have untaken in life. Unless defined simply means “except on the condition that”. So, if A does B then C. Many of the transactions that we undertake in life are gauged by the cause and effect relationship of a powerful and robust unless.

Unless…….Mackie comes home he will be kicked out of the house.

Unless…….Daddy buys me a new pair of shoes, he does not really love me.

Unless……William gets off of drugs, he will be banned from our family.

Unless……I can wear Christian Louboutin, I will not fit into the elite group at work

Unless, unless, unless. The new culture of communications. How pressure filled is that?

Adults daze around in circles wondering what their life will be life if only they had made a different decision on life and because of it can never get a firm footing in the life they are currently living because the security of  a life already lived had never sunk in.

The love of God is a love that is not built upon an unless. His love is unconditional and without pretense. The love of God says, “Even though you were addicted to drugs, I can still love you extravagantly.” It is hard for many to comprehend being given such an awesome gift to be liberated when you were once walking around like a slave in the rat race of life and trying to remain on the plantation of society and culture.

The word unless has been responsible for so much grief in life after all, we are a series of the events that we untake and products of our environments right?  Unless has become a bottle of prescriptions for many where they believe that conditions must be thrown out in order to get someone to act the way that they should but who are we to always try to direct the traffic of the pain that we are not willing to treat. People don’t want your stuff, they want to know that you care. This may be the cause for the high rate of persons cutting themselves all over the globe…to the tune of 4 million people because they may have been met with an Unless which elevated their stress absent the unconditional love to work through the drama and get to the healing.

Unless, I keep writing, will you not believe that I love to?

Stay tuned….”Unless: A Bottle of Prescription”- Coming July 2012 on and the Orphan No More Podcast!

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