Mise en Place

My husband is from France and I have an enormous love for organization, so our home is filled with bi-lingual conversations about God, love, technology, and you guessed it…..organization! My favorite term in the past four years has been “Mise en Place” simply put…..”Everything in it’s place”. This is a great statement of intent yet is it always possible and duly achievable to put everything, every single thing that life has to offer in its own, proper place?


Sabrina O’Malone is one of my all-time favorite authors! When I entered Mommyhood and Darcy and I entered Parenthood, we were blessed with the Focus on the Family Gift set featuring her books for balancing career, home, life, and self. Not perfect by any means……but achieving balance daily! If you haven’t please read this book! She inspires me to keep pushing the Kingdom without feeling as though you have to give up the gifts and talents placed inside of you by God


Motherhood, Fatherhood, Work, Relationships, Proper time with God, Prayer, Fasting, Feuds with family, Food, Shopping, Toast and Jelly, is it possible to put everything in its proper place? I’d like to hear your process and progress, ups and downs, turn arounds, smiles to frowns, and up again!

 Mise en Place–“Everything in it’s Place! Enjoy!

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