The Marital Itch

The greatest ruin to the truth is by stretching it! Marriage is a beautiful union that brings two people together for the purpose of fulfilling the complete will of God for their lives. It is the greatest character development project that one can be enrolled in! 1 Corinthians 13 reflects on the be-attitudes of love and challenges us to keep it in the proper perspective for living a complete life.

When I put on that white dress and had that platinum ring slipped onto my finger, I felt like I was the safest, most guarded woman on the planet because I had a man who would shield me from all of the hurt and shame of my past. Someone who would keep me from having to deal with myself and the issues that I tend to use to hold me back from experiencing the best that life has to give. He became my key to not being an Orphan No More and all I had to do was to just show up every morning, say goodmorning, greet him with a smile and give good loving at night–cook food —breakfast, lunch, and dinner and send him on his merry way! Right? Right?

Jill Scott told them, they’re getting in the way of what she’s feeling so much to the point that truth was stretched to the point of having a ruin, a tear, going straight down the middle of my heart the day that I realized that marriage was not a shield from my not having to deal with my stuff, you know the stuff we got locked up under lock and key that we silently stuffed into the storage even though the funk of it seeps through.

Marriage is a reflection. It is a mirror. Unfulfilled with self equals unfulfillment with your mate, insecurity with your mate equals insecurity with yourself. No relationship with God, equates to a life lived in misery because you’re looking to Him or Her to be your daddy and mommy and give you your identify–only when they tell you who really resembling, you run Forest run!

Like the blind leading the blind, three blind mice—you , him, and your crew—the one you can’t seem to shake that just hangs in your corner because she or he is such a fan of your relationship…the one you all choose to tell your secrets to rather than telling each other or for the matter of fact, the Father God.

Like the reality housewives confiding in a circle filled with fire, women ablaze coveting what you have because they have no desire to be told what to do neither north or south—aspiring to run every man who ran them in the past and caused their soul to become bankrupt——adapting to love as a game like Vivica —two can play that game, baby!

I know what it feels like to be an Orphan wanting to be loved and then getting an all out access pass to experience it and then not knowing what to do when it shows up… an Orphan being adopted from hell to heaven seeing a clear vision of peace in view and running in the opposite direction……….your itchin for change so why do you run?…..from your healing?…..little boy or liggle girl……..ask God to help you see the truth….stop converting liggle girls to join your rebel cause and you all like Bonnie and Clyde living in the country or on the hillside buying time…….come back to your first love and allow your spirit to get adopted….the papers have already been inked in red—representing the blood of the Lamb……..

The marital itch of six years has brought Darcy and I to a level place of mutual respect and understanding for life’s process to remain in love and committed to each other and the father God…..maintain peace in our home and pray for each other on a regular basis……even when we feel unlovely, we must speak to our rusty selves and speak life in the midst of apparent defeat. Not trying to paint a perfect picture but we serve a perfect God who has access to perfection….so we wake up morning after morning for that Pretty Jesus Kool-aid and apply Calamine Lotion to our skin to calm the marital itch.


Danita Ogandaga

All rights reserved

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