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The Grace of Time

The beauty of this time is the opportunity for each of us to step into the authenticity that we are qualified to receive God’s best; each and every one of us! Time is an awesome commodity issued in spurts to all who are walking on this Earth with injection of grace along the way. Thank you for grace for consistently monitoring our situations and letting us know when enough is enough and surrender is near.

The world set standards and consistently raises the bar of expectations; what even with a credit card some may not be able to reach the level of pleasing, the level of acceptance that we are seeking. Emotions are fickle like the mindset of some people, shallow like a grave in which they place you and use you and following the use of you toss you away like a bottle of coke -you are passed into the bin for refuse.

Jesus is into using the weak of the world for his pleasure. What education or the denial of financial aid would not do, the unadulterated revelation knowledge of God’s word- getting on your natural state is the difference maker to catapult you into all that God has for you. The experience of freedom in God’s word makes me hunger for more -laying down the world and accepting what God has for me is like the way a cat grabs a lint ball…..excitingly and filled with expectation.

We were created for this moment. What will you do with your moment?

$0.79 Therapy

$0.79 Therapy- TRUTH

People perish for the lack of knowledge. Culture seeks to keep us on autopilot with spoon-fed ideologies often with penalties for stepping out the box. Thank you for the GRACE to make a list and become learned about your ways. Emoting aside. Just the heartbeat of you God. #that’sall