Do The ROT Thing!

do the ROT thing

This weekend was amazing and I hope that yours was too! As many of you know, I write, speak, and research on the topic of identity, grief, and purpose. I have been writing books, designing community programs and online courses, and speaking at conferences for over ten years now. Something amazing happened this weekend and I hope that you’ll keep reading to find out what it was……..

Since she was born, I’d always imagine how I would explain to her what Mommy did in her line of work. Wondering if when she became of age would she ask me over and over, “Mommy, what is death, what is grief, and why do you care?” I asked God to teach me to teach her once she was of age how the cycle of life works and how we could use things around us including nature to explain the cycle of life.

Last summer, I began teaching rain barrel and composting classes within the  City of Atlanta and really enjoyed the process of seeing people get excited about how we could use nature to resolve refuse and excessive water overflow. I remember coming home and talking about the process with my daughters and husband and I would get an occasional nod of interest.

Fast forward……..

Talmer-Marie is an amazing student at Arnold Elementary School in Jonesboro, GA. She is actively involved in her school as a Girl Scout and a student within the STEAM (STEM) Science program. This program has been an amazing blessing to her this year as it was her first introduction into the public school system. Talmer-Marie excelled in this program while being exposed to Legos, robotics, coding, and other forms of art. Several months ago, we were informed that the program was soon coming to an end and the students needed to prepare a science project.

After sitting down with Talmer-Marie to peak her interests, she mentioned to me that she wanted to work with slimy worms. Researching sites like http://www.sciencebuddies.org and other sites, we begin to explore her options and she had previously done a recycling project on sorting and took an interest to composting. Putting the two together, we talked with Darcy, and begin to draft the plan.

It was particularly important that Talmer-Marie was able to understand and know full well what the topic that she chose was about as well as the ability to explain the topic. We drafted an outline and began to shop for the project contents. It was such a fun time watching her respond to slimy worms and making the food to put in the food scraps bin. Talmer-Marie is working on a video for you which explains her project named, “Do the “ROT” Thing ” and I can’t wait for her to share it with you. The project saught to understand how to compost food scraps using worms. It was such a hand-on and messy yet rewarding experience to watch and to see Talmer-Marie involve herself in!

The competition was this weekend and in short, Talmer-Marie came in 1st place for the First Graders within the STEAM program. It was such a wonderful accomplishment for her and to watch her accept her first award. I was so proud of her that she could see the benefit of working consistently on  goal. She is an exceptional young lady who is destined to change the world. I am so glad that she sees a need to assist her environment and connecting to nature to do so.

Stay tuned for more information on her project. Congratulations Talmer-Marie Ogandaga on your win and to all of the winners and participants within this awesome program!

Happy Composting!








We’re Back! Join the GriefTalk Podcast Tonight for Part I of 4 part Series with Special Guest …………..

I know, I know, it’s been a heck of a while since my fingers have touched the blog, but I promise it was for a good reason:

Her name is Boutou Sudie Ogandaga and she came to us on December 1!

boutouWith my Aunt Jewell and Mother in Love, Marie Claire who stayed with us a whopping 3 months to get organized as a new growing family! #lovethem

I’m excited to bring the first interview for the 2015 year! Tonight at 9pm EST, we will feature Jennifer Pessima who is a multi-talented person who has endured alot in her short lifespan; yet, you’d never know! Tonight, join us for the first part of a four part series called: Grief, Guardanship, and God’s Promise for Good Success! Learn with me, how Jennifer overcame the death of both parents, life as an adult orphan, to walk into her passion and place in the marketplace to recieving the unconditional love that God has for her!


Her story is amazing!!!

Please take the time right now to register for tonights podcast/broadcast right now by clicking on this link: https://danita.leadpages.net/grieftalk1/

Together, We’re going to show you…

  1. How to discover what the orphan spirit is, why it matters to your life.
  2. How to laser in on the importance of receiving God’s unconditional love.
  3. How to create a movement that naturally births an atmosphere of authenticity in business, on social media and in life.
  4. How to get really clear as whether you have the orphan spirit and how to overcome it!
  5. How to take your passion and calling to the marketplace.


Hope to see you tonight and remember to add the GriefTalk Podcast to your subscription list. Pray for our consistency and God’s restoration on all we interview and all who are exposed to this podcast.

We love you! God loves you smoking hot!!!

Danita Ogandaga

GriefTalk Podcast


Surviving the Holidays: GriefTalk Grief Recovery Group

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I hope you’re ready! All-Day Saturday, November 15 will be the Open Door for our new GriefTalk Recovery Group: Surviving the Holidays! So much is happening in the world & my heart is that no one go without communication or contact from another human being. Whether you are newly grieved, trying to process it all, or feeling like the Grinch with half a heart, this FREE, SAFE, & PRIVATE group will encourage you to begin moving from a place of confusion to hopefully establishing peace in your inward self. HOW TO JOIN? EMAIL grieftalkholiday@groups.facebook.com  to join a community seeking to comfort, collaborate, & cultivate an environment of emotional healing from grief. ‪#grieftalk‪#holidaygroup

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