Vicks and Other Generational Reasons Why We Do Things……

Vicks and Other Generational Reasons Why We Do Things......

Today……..I learned an awesome piece of advice from colleague an interesting piece of advice about Vicks Vapor Rub. I have used this product on myself for many years. My mother and grandmother used to dip a spoon in the Vicks and then sugar and give to me when I was hacking with cold. I remember being bundled up and told to get under the covers. I used to ask the question over and over again….and each time, I asked, “But WHY Mommy?” I was never really given the clarity that stopped the silence of questioning in my mind. So I continued to go through life still wondering.

Now, I know a million of you out there can easily arrest me and say , “Well why didn’t you just Google it?” Well, I could have but never did because I had accepted this remedy as a staple and never knew why!

Today a colleague shared with me that she would use the Vicks on her son and get applying it but to remember that it needed to be washed off the skin in the morning and it absolutely needed to be covered with clothes once applied. A trigger went off in my mind and I suddenly went back to that place of dormant questioning and the fire to want to know why was so strong. I proceeded to ask her , “Why?” She simply told me, ” The pores of the child are open and if you do not cover their pores, you can make the cold worse!”—-okay….red face but clarity and a very simple mystery solved!

35 years of doing the same things because mommie’em and daddie’em did something is a total fail. Crack the code on wisdom and get in the know for yourself. Tradition breeds repetition but not all repetition brings progress!