Vicks and Other Generational Reasons Why We Do Things……

Vicks and Other Generational Reasons Why We Do Things......

Today……..I learned an awesome piece of advice from colleague an interesting piece of advice about Vicks Vapor Rub. I have used this product on myself for many years. My mother and grandmother used to dip a spoon in the Vicks and then sugar and give to me when I was hacking with cold. I remember being bundled up and told to get under the covers. I used to ask the question over and over again….and each time, I asked, “But WHY Mommy?” I was never really given the clarity that stopped the silence of questioning in my mind. So I continued to go through life still wondering.

Now, I know a million of you out there can easily arrest me and say , “Well why didn’t you just Google it?” Well, I could have but never did because I had accepted this remedy as a staple and never knew why!

Today a colleague shared with me that she would use the Vicks on her son and get applying it but to remember that it needed to be washed off the skin in the morning and it absolutely needed to be covered with clothes once applied. A trigger went off in my mind and I suddenly went back to that place of dormant questioning and the fire to want to know why was so strong. I proceeded to ask her , “Why?” She simply told me, ” The pores of the child are open and if you do not cover their pores, you can make the cold worse!”—-okay….red face but clarity and a very simple mystery solved!

35 years of doing the same things because mommie’em and daddie’em did something is a total fail. Crack the code on wisdom and get in the know for yourself. Tradition breeds repetition but not all repetition brings progress!


15 Paths to Ecstasy: Get Your Heat Back

Hello. My name is Wake-Up! Well not really, but I’d like to remind you that you are alive and well and since you are alive, take¬†hold of the day you have been given and live. ¬†

Most people believe that ecstasy belongs in the bedroom. Well, although this is true, the ecstasy is defined as an overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy. Life comes at you fast and it is essential that you are equipped with a response to combat those days when you are faced with road blocks. There is something greater working in your favor and you are destined to succeed no matter what. When those days hit you hard….combat them with the following paths to achieving ecstasy in the store, on the bus, or in your life:

  1. Express yourself through writing. Expression is a healer and a motivator to keep going in the toughest intersections of life.
  2. Think of evey accomplishment that you have achieved in life as a catalyst for greater things in life
  3. Find someone who may be going through a difficult time and encourage them to not quit
  4. Write a love note to your spouse or partner assuring them that you appreciate their love.
  5. Recite the words a friend has told you back to them. Powerful words should never fall to the ground. We should cherish and bank wisdom as a jewel.
  6. Create a scrapbook of old and new pictures that have been laying randomly around the house. This will allow you to gain persepective as to your journey in this life.
  7. Go Organic. Decide to choose one to two nights per week where you cut the TV off and play a board game with your family. Remember playing tic-tac-toe on paper?
  8. Think of the two things you can control and focus your efforts on this. From experience, focusing on the things that we can not control create deep feelings of disempowerment and chaos. Life is not static it is instead a brisk walk with a lot of scenery, so release what you can not control. Surrender it to God.
  9. Release the tension! If you are married, have continuous and frequent sex with your partner and keep the communication flowing to ensure that no walls exist between you. I remember when my husband and I had our daughter, we had to walk through the stages and frustrations of coming back to each other after putting the baby first. If you are not married, enjoy walks and exercise, and time with friends or your partner. Whatever you do, get the tension of life out and relax.
  10. Schedule time to work on your dream- Taking the time to invest in ourselves is a great motivator. Whether we download a book on how to be a better parent or buy a Julia Child’s cookbook, take the time to invest in your dream and make it a reality in time.
  11. Speak the End from the Beginning- The power of confession permits us to fast forward to the desired end we wish to see manifested in our lives. Sure,obstacles will come and road blocks may delay our progress, but as we are diligent about the process of confession, we will see those things move like mountains.
  12. Create a dream board. This is practice that I find myself going back to is writing the vision and keeping it before you to serve as an encouragement in the times when progress may seem slow. Take out a sheet of paper or invest in a piece of posterboard and tear through magazines, looking for the items or words that express the goals that you’d like to bring into your life. So often life brings us to the consistent visual that we live in daily but there is a spiritual world working overtime for us to bring us into our desired end. That is what faith is all about, believing what we can not see. Lord help us to believe what we can not see! A dream does not have to remain a dream, it can be a reality.
  13. Dance! David was a gentle soul in the Bible that went through a lot of turmoil. yet he utilized the expression of dance and singing to sing praises to God for deliverance from situations in life. My favorite song is Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance. She reminds us that “Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance,And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.” So I remind you my friend to just dance!
  14. Go barefoot! Connecting with nature is so vital and essential to earth. There are so many mechanical things that have crept into society—modular homes, robot assistants, social media which are all great tools for connecting us; yet there is nothing as fun as taking the time to dig a hole in the backyard and fill it with water—sticking your feet into the earth and taking a mud foot bath. It is free and so refreshing.
  15. Surrender! The act of surrender is the ultimate release of carrying tasks we were simply not designed to carry. Writing this piece this morning, gave me the realization that like myself at times, we may find ourselves attempting to be the glue that holds everything together but even in that we must surrender all of the issues that life brings to the one that can hold it all; God can and he loves us enough to know that we must seek him and come to him when we know nothing else. Whether it is fasting, praying, communicating, or eliminating, find a way to surrender those toxic things or those things creating an imbalance in your life over to the one that can handle it….God can!

So this list came to me this morning and I know that it will be blessing to you! I encourage you to leave your comments or add to the list with any things that you have or are practicing in your life. Let’s create a toolbox for the earth! Have a great day!

Danita Ogandaga

Copyrighted. 2012. Danita Ogandaga for Danitaogandaga.com.


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Beauty is…….Donald Ray Solomon

Beauty is.......Donald Ray Solomon

Hi Daddy! Today marks 13 years since you left this Earth. Since your departure, I have grown into a woman tickled now at the passion I now have for organizing the masses and telling everyone about Jesus. You have truely made an indellible mark on my life in such a way that I talk to Darcy and Tally about you often and yet although you are absent from the body, your greatness lives on. When you first left my mourning was complicated. I could not understand why someone with 3 kidney transplants and 55 operations could not bounce back as you always did. I struggled with what life was going to look like after you left but I tell you Daddy…..God has become the greatest GPS ever!

It’s never easy losing someone that you love and I am a proponent of therapy to assist in identifying and walking through the grief progression. In addition journaling has been a major help. With all those special aides, surrendering to God has been a journey and I would not take anything for the development that accompanies it.

I remember asking God, when is mourning finished? This question can be answered in so many different ways but for me it is finished when I can speak about you with no pain. My sadness has turned to joy—the “fillers” that I used to grab onto to numb me to your passing have faded away like a puffed cloud of smoke. When I faced the reality of life without you here on Earth, the tightness in my chest alleviated and I found myself wanting to know who God was for myself rather than the days of being a PK (Preachers Kid- where God was God regardless). smile.

So I hope that you and Mommy are doing well and that you still shouting and preaching the gospel! I want you to know that all is well here! My determined purpose in life is to know Him (God).

Bonakasi Daddy! Bonakasi! I love you!