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New Book Coming July 2014!


Sight is everything. What am I supposed to do now is always the question. Why did this happen? Widowhood forever? Why is grief a disease needing to be cured rather than processed? Soothing grief with habitual sex? How do we pause the busyness of the death business to heal? Daily we’re met with perspectives? What will you choose? Cracked Perspectives: The Truth About Sight…..coming July 2014. Pre-order begins June 2014


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The Love of Father God is Amazing!

The Love of Father GOD is so amazing. Hand to heart, mouth shut, eyes looking up, thank you God for your goodness and the opportunity to write this post.

Not for a moment have you forsaken your children, that’s why we run to you!

We love you Jesus!

Enjoy the video: Jesus Culture- 10,000 Reasons

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Mark Your Calendars, You’re Invited!

ONM 2013

“God, why do you love me so much?” Good, bad, high, lows, the million dollar question is not to seek money but to come into the realization!” He loves you, always has, always will.

See you in May! Check back for details.