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Simple Gospel

Some things in life are not free, they are obtained by experience and the cost is often high. Despite this fact, we still pursue this life with fervor and tirelessly seek to become what we were called to be.

This song speaks to the heart of every person who is trying to come the end of themselves and be better than they were once.

The love of God strengthens you to retire from the stuff in your life and launch into the deep to become what you always knew that you could become.

Cheers to living life on purpose and linear with God’s will for your life.

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The Love of Father God is Amazing!

The Love of Father GOD is so amazing. Hand to heart, mouth shut, eyes looking up, thank you God for your goodness and the opportunity to write this post.

Not for a moment have you forsaken your children, that’s why we run to you!

We love you Jesus!

Enjoy the video: Jesus Culture- 10,000 Reasons

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Mark Your Calendars, You’re Invited!

ONM 2013

“God, why do you love me so much?” Good, bad, high, lows, the million dollar question is not to seek money but to come into the realization!” He loves you, always has, always will.

See you in May! Check back for details.