Did You Know?

Did You Know?

You are already a success in the eyes of your Daddy God. So what if man does not affirm or validate you? What you have done or will do will never be compared to what Jesus did for you. Be free and do what Daddy God told you to do. For so long, many of us thought that salvation was only getting redeemed from hell but we had it all wrong. Once we get redeemed from living a life of perpetual sin, we need to then get adopted so that we can experience the genuine love of Father God. We’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks.

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For Haiti

I write— not to tickle the pallet of the Face book literate but so my words can reach the illiterate and paradoxically prone population of hope. My soul cries for the people of Haiti as it has since I was born for Rwanda, New Orleans, and every country that has faced an emergency disaster with the absence of organization. Some people may feel that God has forsaken Haiti and why does he permit the human condition to endure such catastrophic activities. Please be assured that no matter what you heard, God did not abort Haiti. He is there and will be there and is concerned for the people of Haiti as all spots on the map and even on my street.

I wept, as Jesus did, when I read the issues of language barriers, food dropped from plane evaporating before it could touchdown, barking and crowing of dogs in Haiti –whom some persons have considered for food, streams of people lining the street with no parade of floats going by…. instead there are urine reeked sheets remaining from loved ones who were dumped on the back of a truck and taken to a landfill for mass graves.

I pray to the Lord of Organization daily—- He is my King and the Helper of my Household—we also call him Jesus Christ. You know that the word needs to be preached in every language so i know that you are not coming back just yet, with all the mortuaries in the world, operations teams who get awarded on a merit and financial basis with government dollars, interpreters who are willing to speak to and for the nations, the incessant sounds of soul cries- like the mother who cried for her 48-hour trapped 11-year old daughter who showed up at the medical facility and was told she would have to drive an additional 3 hours to treat her injuries. My head is spinning with numbers.

You are a Sovereign God—that’s why I know you put this burden in my heart. For that I am praying— the resolution will bring the human condition into alignment. God bless politics, but if not careful, the essence of it will taint the policies and progress for which it was created, thus creating a careless society paradox! I read the billboards daily stating that We CARE— so Lord bring relief!