$0.79 Therapy

$0.79 Therapy- “Unlocking Happiness”

Things happen in the world today to expose us to situations which bring about happiness and joy. There is so much meaning in the two words and many people resonate the foundation of their lives on having one or the other of these emotions in their life.

Joy is defined as

  1. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated:
  2. the expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
  3. a state of happiness or felicity.

Happiness is defined as

  1. the quality or state of being happy.
  2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

Although Webster has nicely given us a definition of the two, let’s take a moment to explore the differences.

Happiness may be associated with someone paying for your lunch or winning the lucky lottery. Although there is great elation, the feelings are only temporary and last for a short timespan. Happiness is increased based on equalized conditions of that circumstance that you are facing. I went to the mall and found a pair of jeans a size smaller than the jeans that I was wearing last month and it made me so happy. Oh, and did I mention that the jeans were on sale? Although I am happy about this blessing, it will be forgotten in a little while and replaced by another situation that may come up throughout my day.
Joy creates a lasting sense of contentment and commitment because you have set your mindset to accept the circumstances around you while you are progressing towards your expected end. Joy is not engineered by an experience but simply driven by a knowing and inner peace. It may not always be outwardly expressed with elation or that perpetual “feel good feelings”.
Happiness is conditional and once you have it, you gotta fight fickle feelings to hold onto it.The opposite of happiness is misery and the opposite of joy is fear based feelings that cause you to be uneasy and dis-eased at the outcome of your circumstance.  Joy comes from what you know and who you know. This joy that I have, the world did not gift it to me and can not take it away! That’s peace right there!
Sincerely experiencing the joy of knowing God,

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