rePLAY: Miscarriages and Marriage: The Art of Recovering All 10.19.15


Were you on the webinar last night?

If you were not we encourage you to take the time this morning, at lunch, or later on today and get encouraged. Our special guest, Toya aka T-Prissy, CEO of T-Prissy Worldwide, and I partnered to being this webinar to you to encourage you that no matter what you are going through in your life, you can recover all!

Grief is not a beautiful topic and many of us do not want to deal with it, we’d rather mask, hide it, bury it, or just act like it does not exist. You do have those that have simply healed from it, and although that is great, they may or may not want to reach back to help others come out of the hell they were just delivered from.

Last night was RAW, transparent, and real as Toya and I shared the ups and downs of following a call from God, dealing with loss and miscarriages, and how to continue walking with God when it may not be the most popular thing to do. We want to encourage you to continue to follow Christ.

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marriages and miscarriages

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$0.79 Therapy

$0.79 Therapy- “Unlocking Happiness”

Things happen in the world today to expose us to situations which bring about happiness and joy. There is so much meaning in the two words and many people resonate the foundation of their lives on having one or the other of these emotions in their life.

Joy is defined as

  1. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation: a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated:
  2. the expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.
  3. a state of happiness or felicity.

Happiness is defined as

  1. the quality or state of being happy.
  2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

Although Webster has nicely given us a definition of the two, let’s take a moment to explore the differences.

Happiness may be associated with someone paying for your lunch or winning the lucky lottery. Although there is great elation, the feelings are only temporary and last for a short timespan. Happiness is increased based on equalized conditions of that circumstance that you are facing. I went to the mall and found a pair of jeans a size smaller than the jeans that I was wearing last month and it made me so happy. Oh, and did I mention that the jeans were on sale? Although I am happy about this blessing, it will be forgotten in a little while and replaced by another situation that may come up throughout my day.
Joy creates a lasting sense of contentment and commitment because you have set your mindset to accept the circumstances around you while you are progressing towards your expected end. Joy is not engineered by an experience but simply driven by a knowing and inner peace. It may not always be outwardly expressed with elation or that perpetual “feel good feelings”.
Happiness is conditional and once you have it, you gotta fight fickle feelings to hold onto it.The opposite of happiness is misery and the opposite of joy is fear based feelings that cause you to be uneasy and dis-eased at the outcome of your circumstance.  Joy comes from what you know and who you know. This joy that I have, the world did not gift it to me and can not take it away! That’s peace right there!
Sincerely experiencing the joy of knowing God,

$0.79 Therapy- Stop Waiting for Pooky!


God often removes people from your life for a reason so be so careful before you try to chase them down to return! God is about purpose and sometimes in developing you, you will find that those things that used to bring you joy may be replaced with other things. This does not mean that you are better than the other person, it simply means your development and progress has been re-aligned and the two of you are not compatible.

Loss is an inevitiable process to life and as sure as we gain, we must lose, as we catch things in life ,we must release. This uncomfortable feeling can and will create heartburn and feelings of uncertainty but be assured that you are excelling into becoming your best self.

Attachments are so beautiful when they enter our lives. Like our finest accessory, attachments can be added to accentuate our life in many ways where dullness once existed. It may be that before going to Starbucks on a regular, you found yourself waking up to Quick Trip coffee, and wanted to spice up your life, or you began shopping excessively at the Gap because you wanted to rock the latest fashion and could not afford it. To the human side, maybe you were so completely in love with Pooky but Pooky did not treat you right so you took some time off from him and now he is trying to come back onto the scene.

As a result, now Pooky calls you day in and day out wanting to arrange a time to see you and wondering how you’d feel about his recent attachments which includes an addiction to people pleasing which causes him to spend his money and yours buying the jacket of the week or maybe he wants to showcase you at his work party but he has already told you he does not want to commit but wants you to just go with the flow. Let’s pause here.

No wait…..does that mean you’d be a spare this time?

So if you are in the waiting room of life and you find yoursef wondering if that love, life, person, or thing will suddenly explode onto the scene and have you all pick up where you left off, know that this may never happen and you should finally breathe and get used to your new and fresh life.

  1. Ask God to give you a new perspective and to clarify yourself in the truth of His word so that you can clearly see.
  2. Don’t rely on your feelings to make the difference in your life because feelings are fickle and they lie.
  3. Appreciate the time that you had with that thing or person and ask God to come in and fill the void of your worth and value with Himself
  4. Let God love on you and allow you to grow and rise above the hurt that you may be feeling with having loss the attachments in you life.

God loves you to pieces and He wants the very best for you. You may have a heart ache for a few minutes, but be courageous and walk into all that God has for you!

He loves you immensely,

Danita Solomon Ogandaga

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