Leap into a New You!

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LEAP……..that is a full word. Especially when you are trying to stay connected to something that is no longer serving you. We are taught to acquire things in this life but not really sure of what to do once those things are lost. Spirit, soul, and body, I call you to LEAP into the new and out of the old, LEAP from the pain of your failed purpose, relationships, jobs, relationships, LEAP into the fullness of what God is doing in your life. Part time faith will never yield full time benefits. Give yourself to the one who made you and all that you are trying to control. LEAP and worship the Holy One!


Special Periscope on Survivorship: When A Patient Becomes A Person


If you’ve EVER been a ‪#‎caretaker‬, ‪#‎therapist‬, ‪#‎pastor‬, ‪#‎teacher‬, or ‪#‎person‬who’s transitioned from being a PATIENT to a PERSON, you know that this can come with MUCH UNCERTAINTY with your identity, who you are now, and how far should you believe God? Watching my sister and her journey practically erased much of what I thought could be hypothetical as a social behavioral researcher after all, we had it wrong: people don’t always respond to the stimuli of their environment.

WHY? Grace came to restore the power to the one who truely gave us life. Once we move from the hospital bed, abusive marriage, lousy job, we STILL have to connect to something BIGGER than ourselves. We can’t be INDEPENDENT. NO, we live in Him!

Not trying to be deep, but YOU KNOW I AM A SOLOMON and I love JESUS and I hope you’ll join me on Sunday at 6pm via Periscope.

If the chat grows, we’ll continue the conversation on Monday too.

See you soon and bring a struggling friend! ‪#‎TeamLynch‬ ‪#‎patienttoperson‬ ‪#‎findingyournewnormal‬



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Perfection Not Needed…………



HEY YOU….When this day came I felt so free. In school for DAYS, in people’s faces for HOURS, in the grocery store for MINUTES getting apples trying to be the teacher’s pet, in the mall for YEARS trying to buy the right outfit and shoes UNTIL I realized, ALL OF THE PEOPLE, I was chasing, were CHASING SOMEONE THEMSELVES….it was then I said to HECK with all of THIS and accepted the FREEDOM Father GOD ONLY can give. This invitation is open 24/7/365. Orphans get free, get adopted, get FREE.

I’d like to extend a personal invitation to you to come out to my event taking place on Friday, December 11 from 7-11pm in Fayetteville, GA. It will be a night of reflection, healing, and meditation offering writing, speaking, poetry, dance, food, and awesome fellowship. We’ll look into ourselves and the eyes of others as we look at the holidays and prepare for 2016. No matter if you have lost or are in the early days of losing someone or something you treasured, you can be happy anyways. Get your ticket today! ‪#‎happyanyways‬https://goo.gl/z3ek5A