Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage Today 10/22/2015


Happy 10 Years Married Darcy Franck Ogandaga! Today is our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! This scripture used to make me cringe. Back then, I refused to shut up, had to make my point with tantrums, boisterous to get his attention and then my walk with Father God began. He would just sit there and look at me and smile. I learned, not from formulas, from momma, but from time with Father God how to settle my spirit and identity the fear of submission. I do not profess to be holier than thou just eager to find peace in my home and through the years, I have learned that (1) Being loud only magnifies your voice not your opinion (2) Identity the fear of submission after all, I have worked on me for a long time. Why would I want to now give myself as a project to someone else. STOP IT. You don’t have to (3) Quiet the noise of my unmarried friends who knew so much. Stop looking outward for people to solve your situations cause between Google, Blogs, and Magazines, they can do that real good (4) Dismiss the biased opinions of family & some friends that did not understand that being married to a man of African decent does not mean control. People are real good at bulking you up. Why do you think every fight on the street is surrounded by people cheering the conflict on until that ONE PERSON comes to clear the crowd? Hummmm. When you can put tradition in its proper place, YOUR CULTURE BECOME CHRIST 1st. (5) Make love often. Whether it is acts of service, dancing in the house to Earth, Wind, & Fire or time in the bedroom, floor, or whatever (come on married people), make time for love AND FINALLY, (6) Put YOUR HOPE, YOUR PEACE, YOUR JOY in Christ ALONE! Love the gift that God has blessed you with in your mate and enjoy each and every day. Bebejoufloue loves you DJ Darcy B~

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Love you all and thanks for reading!



We’re Back! Join the GriefTalk Podcast Tonight for Part I of 4 part Series with Special Guest …………..

I know, I know, it’s been a heck of a while since my fingers have touched the blog, but I promise it was for a good reason:

Her name is Boutou Sudie Ogandaga and she came to us on December 1!

boutouWith my Aunt Jewell and Mother in Love, Marie Claire who stayed with us a whopping 3 months to get organized as a new growing family! #lovethem

I’m excited to bring the first interview for the 2015 year! Tonight at 9pm EST, we will feature Jennifer Pessima who is a multi-talented person who has endured alot in her short lifespan; yet, you’d never know! Tonight, join us for the first part of a four part series called: Grief, Guardanship, and God’s Promise for Good Success! Learn with me, how Jennifer overcame the death of both parents, life as an adult orphan, to walk into her passion and place in the marketplace to recieving the unconditional love that God has for her!


Her story is amazing!!!

Please take the time right now to register for tonights podcast/broadcast right now by clicking on this link: https://danita.leadpages.net/grieftalk1/

Together, We’re going to show you…

  1. How to discover what the orphan spirit is, why it matters to your life.
  2. How to laser in on the importance of receiving God’s unconditional love.
  3. How to create a movement that naturally births an atmosphere of authenticity in business, on social media and in life.
  4. How to get really clear as whether you have the orphan spirit and how to overcome it!
  5. How to take your passion and calling to the marketplace.


Hope to see you tonight and remember to add the GriefTalk Podcast to your subscription list. Pray for our consistency and God’s restoration on all we interview and all who are exposed to this podcast.

We love you! God loves you smoking hot!!!

Danita Ogandaga

GriefTalk Podcast


A Nation in Mourning: A Must Read from Dr. Myles Munroe’s Assistant


A must read from Dr. Myles Assistant ..”.
I provide this latest update and valuable info & insight I just received from Dr. Lucile Richardson, who has been a trusted personal writing assistant and coordinator for Dr. Myles for many years and very close to his family and ministry:
Greetings All,
Due to the enormous amount of phone calls on all my phones and with me helping out at the church, I am unable to return your calls. Also, please do not call my cell phone because it needs to be repaired.
Allow me to update you while I am home for a brief moment. A month ago Dr. Munroe prophesied on a radio talk show that in the next month this nation will be shaken by the death of a very prominent leader and that person’s death will have an impact on the entire nation. Most of October he was in several countries in Africa/S.Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi. When he returned a week ago he was on another talk show and said he has already written his obituary and that it something we all should do, because it helps you to know what you have and have not yet accomplished. That’s not the first time he’s made that statement in our midst too.
While in Burundi he invited the young lady in charge of organizing all the events for the govt. etc. to come to the Bahamas for our leadership summit being held in Freeport this week. She agreed and came. So on yesterday he called her up to share for a few minutes about her country, and he told us she would be traveling with them to Freeport on his jet after church So the news media is reporting that his daughter was on the plane, and some reports are saying a man from Africa when it was this young lady who he introduced to us.
The pilot was a very close friend since I first came to the Bahamas. His wife has just recovered from being very sick the past four years and near death a few times. No one could have imagined him leaving before her. Pas. Richard was my close friend and our fellowship pastor. He was in charge of the church because of Pas. Myles’ international traveling. He was married to Pas. Ruth’s sister, Sheena who had gone over earlier along with Pas. Myles son and daughter because of their involvement with the conference registration, etc. Yesterday Pas. Richard released 3 small books and he presented all 3 to Pas. Myles. One was on Leadership Legacy that he dedicated to Pas. Myles for having imparted so much in his life….it was an awesome moment of tribute shortly before Pas. Myles preached.

Yesterday Pas. Myles’ sermon was a summary of everything he has ever taught on purpose and potential as he started in Genesis ch. 2. It was a profound message! But we could not have imagined it being his last!
Also on board was our newly ordained youth pastor Lavard Parks and his pregnant (4 mo) wife Radel, and their 5 yr old son. This couple was very close and dear to my heart. Both consider me to be their mentor. Radel has a twin sister and they were best friends…this is ever so difficult for her and all of us. While we led intercession last night until most of the morning, several pastors came after the word hit this small island, as they were also in a state of disbelief.

One final note, yesterday we had no live streaming because all our equipment was already removed and sent over to Freeport for the conference. Andrew Young was suppose to be on the plane with Pas. Myles because he was already in Nassau speaking elsewhere, but he decided to take another flight.
Apparently the weather was very windy and there was a Bahamas Air flight that decided it was too windy to land and that pilot was instructed to turn around and return to Nassau. I understand that it was very foggy and Stanley 
had no way of knowing that as he came lower to get under the fog there would be a huge crane that he hit.

Please know that while I would love to return your phone calls and emails individually, I am unable to do so at this time. I’ve only had a couple hours of sleep and have to continue in assisting; hope you understand.
Appreciate all your prayers from around the world.

Dr. Lucile Richardson

(credit: Vicki Yohe’s Facebook page)