Grief & Loss

5 Things The Grief Experience Taught Me

#5- FACE YOUR FEAR: Death, grief, & loss often makes people uncomfortable because it affords them an up close opportunity to face fears that they’ve had about their own experience. No matter how secure we’d like to be in our relationships, jobs, homes, and life, change is inevitable and so is loss. The only constant thing is God so put your all in Him.

#4-  DON’T SAY THAT!– Although we know it spiritually, during the time of grief, some are not ready to hear, ” They are in a better place!” or “You’re young, you can have more kids!”. Take the time to acknowledge the loss of the person they loved as they prepare for that person no longer physically being in their space or grieve the loss of the child (that child) before attempting to replace. The time to stuff, repress, and repress, must stop. Some people need to heal.

#3- It’s OK to not be OK. We believe in the word of God and know the power of confession however we must know that living in perpetual denial is . Own your shadow (grief, pain, hurt), acknowledge it to God and in that confess peace while working through your pain. Know thyself but know God!

#2- Today is NOT cancelled. As much as it may seem like a major task to get out of bed after the loss of a loved one, job, or house, get up and get moving. You will strengthen your perspective when you are moving around.

#1-  DELAYED HOPE WON’T WORK- Watch this video